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Rejected by the General Assembly on 4 July 1967. For details of the vote see Database 'UNISPAL', View 'Documents by\entity', Document '1967 war - GA 5th emergency special session debate, vote - Verbatim record'
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      General Assembly
19 June 1967


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: draft resolution

[Original text: Russian]
[19 June 1967]
The General Assembly,

Noting that Israel, in gross violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the universally accepted principles of international law, has committed a premeditated and previously prepared aggression against the United Arab Republic, Syria and Jordan, and has occupied parts of their territory and inflicted great material damage upon them,

Noting that, in contravention of Security Council resolutions 233 (1967), 234 (1967) and 235 (1967) of 6, 7 and 9 June 1967, on the immediate cessation of all hostilities and a cease-fire, Israel continued to conduct offensive military operations against the above-mentioned States and seized additional territory,

Noting further that, although military activities have now ceased, Israel continues its occupation of the territory of the United Arab Republic, Syria and Jordan, thus failing to halt its aggression and defying the United Nations and all peace-loving States,

Regarding as unacceptable and unlawful Israel’s territorial claims on the Arab States, which prevent the restoration of peace in the area,

1. Vigorously condemns Israel’s aggressive activities and the continuing occupation by Israel of part of the territory of the United Arab Republic, Syria and Jordan, which constitutes an act of recognized aggression; 2. Demands that Israel should immediately and unconditionally withdraw all its forces from the territory of those States to positions behind the armistice demarcation lines, as stipulated in the General Armistice Agreements, and should respect the status of the demilitarized zones, as prescribed in the Armistice Agreements;

3. Demands also that Israel should make good in full and within the shortest possible period of time all the damage inflicted by its aggression on the United Arab Republic, Syria and Jordan and on their nationals, and should return to them all seized property and other material assets;

4. Appeals to the Security Council to take for its part immediate effective measures in order to eliminate all consequences of the aggression committed by Israel.



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