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- Secretary-General's remarks to press with Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon in Tel Aviv - SG's remarks 22/07/2014
- Secretary-General's remarks to press with Palestinian Prime Minister in Ramallah - SG's remarks 22/07/2014
- Secretary-General briefs Security Council from Ramallah on the situation in Gaza - SG's video conference 22/07/2014
- Bureau of Palestinian Rights Committee strongly condemns Israeli military operation in Gaza - Bureau statement 21/07/2014
- Noon briefing on SecGen's trip to the Middle East - Effort to obtain an immediate ceasefire in Israel and Gaza - SG's Deputy Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts) 21/07/2014
- Secretary-General alarmed about resumed rocket fire into Israel and Israeli ground operation into Gaza - Press release 17/07/2014
- Secretary-General welcomes the humanitarian pause in Gaza - Press release 17/07/2014
- PHROC Open Letter to UN Secretary General on Hostilities in the Gaza Strip - PHROC/Non-UN document 15/07/2014
Office of President Abbas issues "Israel’s Criminal Assault on Gaza" - Media Advisory /Non-UN Document 14/07/2014
- Gaza Under Fire - PLO Special Report/Non-UN document 14/07/2014
- Secretary-General demands Israelis and Palestinians to end fighting and prevent risks to regional security - Press release 13/07/2014
- CEIRPP Bureau condemns in the strongest possible terms the excessive and disproportionate use of force by Israel in the Gaza Strip - CEIRPP Bureau statement 11/07/2014
- UNHCHR Chief Pillay alarmed at attacks in Middle East, SecGen in regular contact with Israel's Prime Minister ans Palestinian President - SG's Spokesperson's noon briefing (excerpts) 11/07/2014
- Gaza Situation Report: Issue No. 3 - UNRWA update 11/07/2014

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