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- Quartet Representative's report to the AHLC on Action in Support of Palestinian State-Building - OQR report/Non-UN document 22/09/2014
- World Bank Economic Monitoring Report to the AHLC - WB report 22/09/2014
- New UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rightsd in the OPT makes his first visit to the Middle East - UNOG press release 18/09/2014
- Quartet Representative tells AHLC: there is a need to move quickly on short- and long-term recovery efforts - OQR press release/Non-UN document 17/09/2014
- Mideast situation/Palestinian question - Special Coordinator Serry briefs SecCo - Verbatim record (excerpts) 16/09/2014
- UNRWA prevented by armed clashes from delivering humanitarian assistance to Yarmouk camp - UNRWA update 16/09/2014
- Sp Coordinator Serry tells SecCo that ceasefire in Gaza remains fragile - UNSCO press release 16/09/2014
- World Bank report to AHLC: Palestinian economy declining and unemployment rising alarmingly - WB press release 16/09/2014
- In SecCo briefing, Sp. Coordinator Serry proposes measures to fundamentally change dynamic in Gaza - SC press release 16/09/2014
- State of Palestine: Humanitarian Situation Report - UNICEF overview 15/09/2014
- UNRWA prevented by sporadic clashes from delivering humanitarian assistance to Yarmouk camp - UNRWA update 15/09/2014
- Gaza Situation Report (Issue No. 60) - UNRWA schools continue to be used as IDP shelters - UNRWA update 15/09/2014
- Sp. Coordinator's report to AHLC calls for fundamental change on Gaza and for addressing the West Bank situation - UNSCO press release 15/09/2014
- Special Coordinator's report to AHLC - The absence of political horizon for an end of occupation and conflict - UNSCO report 14/09/2014

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