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        Security Council
9 October 1972


Supplemental information

The Chief of Staff of UNTSO, Major-General Ensio Siilasvuo, has submitted the following report on incidents observed by United Nations military observers and complaints received from the parties on 7 October 1972:

Israel-Lebanon sector

Complaints by the parties:

A complaint has been received from Lebanon alleging that on 6 October between 1745 1/ and 1830 two Israel forces warships penetrated Lebanese territorial waters up to El Baiyada (approximate MR l66l-2856) at a distance of about 2 to 3 kilometres from the coast.

The above complaint was not confirmed by United Nations observation.

Israel-Syria sector

1. OP 2/ reports on ground activity

(a) OP Five: At 0130 machine-gun fire, which ceased immediately, by Israel forces.

(b) OP Yoke: At 0431 machine-gun fire, which ceased immediately, by Israel forces.

(c) OP Zodiac: Between 0432 and 0434 and between 0501 and 0502 machine-gun fire by Israel forces (latter confirmed by OP One).

(d) OP Winter: Between 0710 and 0711 machine-gun fire by Israel forces (confirmed by OP Five).

(e) OP Four: Between 1725 and 1740 sporadic machine-gun fire and flares by Israel forces.

(f) OP Six: Between 2330 and 2331 machine-gun fire and flare by Israel force.

2. OP reports on air activity:

(a) OP Uniform: At 0804 one Israel forces Phantom aircraft flying from south-west to north-east crossed the ABFDLs (the area between the limits of the forward defended localities indicating the cease-fire lines) and was last observed north-east of OP.

(b) OP November: Between 0804 and 0807 two Israel forces Phantom aircraft flying initially north to south circled over the ABFDLs twice, crossing south-south-west of OP and recrossing over OP each time, and were last observed north-west of OP.

(c) OP One: At 0813 one unidentified aircraft (United Nations military observers could not identify type or nationality of aircraft due to high altitude) crossed the ABFDLs flying south-west to north-east and was last observed north-north-east of OP.


1/ All times GMT.

2/ The locations of the observation posts established by UNTSO are given in document S/7930/Add.l583.


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