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        General Assembly
        Security Council

5 August 1975


Twenty-ninth session
Agenda item 109
Thirtieth year

Letter dated 5 August 1975 from the Acting Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

On instructions of my Government and further to previous letters from this Mission addressed to you regarding the existence of a murder regime of the so-called Palestine Liberation Organization in Lebanon, and its continued attacks against Israel from there, I would like to draw your attention to the following acts of violence perpetrated from Lebanese territory, which have been on the increase in recent weeks.

On 15 July 19759 at about 2030 hours local time, Katyusha fire was directed by PLO terrorists from positions in Lebanon against the town of Kiryat Shmona.

On 18 July, at about 1100 hours local time, three PLO terrorists were killed when a patrol of the Israeli Defence Forces encountered a group of terrorists which had infiltrated into Israel from Lebanon near the town of Metulla. The terrorists were armed with Kalachnikov rifles, explosives and had leaflets demanding the release of hostages they were intending to take.

On 23 July, in the early morning hours, several mortar shells were fired by PLO terrorists from Lebanese territory, in the direction of Mount Safia in eastern Galilee.

On 26 July, close to midnight local time, a unit of the Israeli Defence Forces patrolling north of Kibbutz Misgav-Am came under small arms fire from PLO positions in Lebanon.

On 29 July, at 0515 hours local time, a bazooka shell was fired by PLO terrorists in Lebanon on an Israeli patrol west of Metullah.

On 30 July, close to midnight, a patrol of the Israeli Defence Forces, north Margaliot came under small arms fire by PLO terrorists from Lebanese territory.

On 4 August, at 0130 hours local time, an Israeli patrol encountered a PLO terror squad which had penetrated into Israeli territory from Lebanon in the area of Idmit. One Israeli soldier and one terrorist were killed in the exchange of fire and two terrorists were captured. Two Israeli soldiers were wounded. Again the terrorists had in their possession Kalachnikov rifles.

On 6 August, at 0500 hours local time, an Israeli patrol south of Har Shenan in northern Galilee came under small arms fire from PLO positions in Lebanon. On the same day, at about 0600 hours local time, several Katyusha rockets were fired by PLO terrorists from Lebanese territory at the area of Kiryat Shmona. One person was injured.

It should also be pointed out that it was in Beirut, Lebanon, on 19 July that WAFA, the PLO news agency, announced that PLO murder squads, which as is well known are sent from Lebanon, would continue their attempts to penetrate and attack Ben-Gurion International Airport. This announcement was released after such an attempt had been foiled by Israeli police.

There has also been further evidence that the population of southern Lebanon is complaining bitterly about the unhindered presence of the PLO terror bases and gangs in their midst.

As recently as 24 July, the London Daily Telegraph carried a report from its correspondents in Beirut to this effect, stressing that the enraged farmers of southern Lebanon were demanding the removal of Palestinian terrorists from their region.

It should be pointed out again that the PLO has been boasting that its missions of murder carried out against Israeli civilians were endorsed, in advance, by recent resolutions of the General Assembly and of the corresponding bodies of the specialized agencies. Thus, those resolutions have become - as Israel had warned time and again, prior to their adoption a source of encouragement and support for the terror, activities of the PLO.

It is evident, as it has been reiterated on many occasions, that Israel has the right and indeed the duty to take all the necessary steps for the protection of its citizens and its territory.

I have the honour to request that this letter be circulated as an official document of the General Assembly and the Security Council.

(Signed) Pinhas ELIAV
Acting Permanent Representative of Israel
to the United Nations

Complete document in PDF format (Requires Acrobat Reader)

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