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        Economic and Social Council
24 February 2006


Sixty-second session
Item 8 of the provisional agenda


Written statement* submitted by the Organization for Defending Victims of Violence (ODVV), a non-governmental organization in special consultative status

The Secretary-General has received the following written statement which is circulated in accordance with Economic and Social Council resolution 1996/31.
[9 February 2006]

* This written statement is issued, unedited, in the language(s) received from the submitting non-governmental organization(s).

One of the main study circles in the field of human rights is the study of the human rights situation in the Occupied Territories. Aside from the fact that as a study subject human rights have a lot of followers, due to the particular situation in Palestine – continuation of the crisis due to the conflict – this issue is more manifested.

With the continuation of violence against Palestinians, their human rights have been violated by Israel in several ways:

1 – Demolition of Palestinian homes
2 – Arbitrary detentions
3 – Imprisonments
4 – Terrible prison conditions
5 – Movement restrictions
6 – Destruction of private property

Assassinations – The assassination of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah leaders is a clear indication of the blatant violation of Palestinians human rights. Since the beginning of the Intifada 227 top Palestinian resistance leaders have been assassinated by Israel. 88 innocent bystanders have also been killed in this process. The assassination of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, and Dr. Abdulaziz Rantisi are the highlighted examples of these killings.

Settlers’ Attacks – Throughout the Intifada the Israeli settlers’ attacks against the Palestinians escalated. In what they explained as reaction to Palestinian attacks, the settlers attacked them. Examples of which are the attack the Israeli settlers launched on 28 July 2002, against the old town of Al Khalil, stabbing two children with knives, and burned a number of Palestinian homes. On 4 August 2005, a settler opened fire on a bus killing four Palestinians, on the 17th of the same month another four Palestinians were killed by a settler in the West Bank, and two others left injured.

Security Barrier – In April 2002, the Israeli regime decided to build a security barrier in the West Bank, and in June the same year the first stage of the construction of the barrier, stretching from south to north of the West Bank and around Jerusalem. The barrier which has also been called the Apartheid barrier is another blatant violation of the Palestinian people’s human rights, which has left terrible emotional and social scars on these people.

Palestinian Detainees – These prisoners are kept in terrible conditions in Israeli jails, they suffer from chronic illnesses, and those that are gravely ill are not transferred to hospitals in ambulances, but they are transferred in handcuffs in trucks.

Since 1960 to date over 650 thousand Palestinians have been detained by Israelis, and approximately 7,500 are currently in prison. There are 391 children, 139 women and 985 top Palestinian leaders among them.

Throughout the Intifada leading to 20 July 2005, fifty-eight Palestinian prisoners have died, 47 following arrest, 2 as a result of torture, and 9 due to failure to provide health and medical care.

Refugees – The total number of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon has been registered at 394,532 and 223,956 of these live in camps.
According to the Palestinian Information Centre since the beginning of the Intifada (29 September 2000) 4,032 Palestinians have been killed, and 44,666 injured. Also the total number of children killed during Intifada according to this centre is 363.

Rights of the Child – One of the biggest cases of the violation of Palestinian children’s rights is the lack of easy access to education. Fifteen thousand Palestinian children cannot get education, due to lack of access. This is while a lot of these children cannot go back to school following summer vacation.

Conclusion – The relentless crimes of Israel in Occupied Palestine are such that their ever increasing continuation has turned into a big human rights problem in these lands in such way that the extent is expanding on a daily basis. Shootings and brutal killings, attacks on homes and refugee camps, unreasonable mass arrests of Palestinians, the construction of the Security Barrier, and restricting movements, are all clear cases of the violation of Palestinians rights.
According to Defence of Children International-Palestinian Section the Palestinians rights have repeatedly been violated through sudden attacks and mass punishments. As well as the aforementioned cases the report also points to closures and martial law by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), as further cases of human rights violations in the Occupied Territories.

Stressing on fundamental human rights, that include the right to live, to peace, to security, to self-determination of people’s and by reiterating on international humanitarian laws, the Organization for Defending Victims of Violence calls upon all governments to while condemning Israeli government’s actions, to find a permanent solution to the ongoing conflict in that region of the world.

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