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        General Assembly
25 November 1948

Third session
Poland: Draft Resolution


Having adopted on 29 November 1947 a Resolution on the future government of Palestine providing a plan for the establishment of a Jewish and an Arab State in Palestine, for the economic union of these two States and for the status of the City of Jerusalem;

Taking note of the resolution of 16 November 1948 calling for negotiations of an armistice in Palestine;

Having considered the progress report of the United Nations Mediator of 16 September 1948;

AFFIRMS that the resolution of 29 November 1947 is the basis for the final settlement of the Palestine question by the General Assembly;

NOTES the establishment since 15 May 1948 of civil and military authority, under the Provisional Government of Israel, over substantially the area which, under the Resolution of 29 November 1947, was recognized as delimiting the Jewish state in Palestine envisaged in that resolution;

HOPES that the Security Council will give sympathetic consideration to an application of the admission of the State of Israel to the United Nations if and when such application will be submitted;

RECOMMENDS that all foreign troops and military personnel be withdrawn from the territory of Palestine;

ESTABLISHES a Commission of Conciliation for Palestine composed of representatives of ... (five states), with the following functions:

(1) To assist the interested parties to enter immediately into direct negotiations to reach on the basis of the resolution of 29 November 1947 a permanent settlement which shall include the final designation of the boundaries of the State of Israel and the establishment of an independent Arab State over the rest of the area of Palestine;

(2) To appoint, under its supervision, a boundaries commission which shall draw up the final boundaries of the State of Israel and of the Arab State in Palestine, reporting in the event of failure to the General Assembly with a view to final determination by the Assembly;

(3) To establish the economic union and promote good relations between the State of Israel and the Arab State in Palestine;

(4) To call into consultation all those organs and agencies of the United Nations which may assist in working out plans both for the resettlement of Palestinian refugees and displaced persons and for their repatriation where feasible in the areas from which they have come;

REQUESTS the Commission to begin its functions at once, with a view to the establishment of contact between the Parties themselves and the Commission at the earliest possible date;

CALLS upon the Parties concerned to co-operate with the Commission and to assist it in the implementation of its task;

REQUIRES the Commission to present a report to the next General Assembly;

AUTHORIZES the Secretary-General to provide the necessary staff and facilities as may be required;

REQUESTS the Trusteeship Council to work out, in consultation with the Commission of Conciliation for Palestine, and with the governments of the State of Israel and of the Arab State in Palestine, the statute of the City of Jerusalem according to the provisions of the resolution of 29 November 1948;

DRAWS THE ATTENTION of the Trusteeship Council that the statute of the City of Jerusalem should provide for the preservation, protection and freedom of access to sites, buildings and institutions of religious and spiritual interest.

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