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        Security Council
7 February 1967



I have the honour, on instructions from my Government, to bring to Your Excellency's urgent attention further serious and gross violations by the Israeli authorities of the General Armistice Agreement.

Since the decision of the Security Council of 25 November 1966 censuring for its large-scale military action against Jordan, the Israeli authorities persisted in their disregard of United Nations machinery in the area. In fact, they are resorting to measures which preclude the Mixed Armistice Commission from performing its duties in a deliberate attempt to paralyze this body completely and make it virtually impossible for it to perform its functions.

On 30 December 1966, the Israeli representative in a letter to the President of the Security Council (document S/7656) alleged that on 9 December 1966, two land mines were discovered and de-activated on a track adjacent to the Hebron sector.

The Israeli letter claimed that the incidents were "reported to and investigated by the Israel-Jordan Mixed Armistice Commission".

What Israel describes as "investigation" was proven to be an attempt to dictate the Israeli findings to the Commission which was not permitted to investigate the charge. My delegation did not rush into denying these Israeli charges, as we were waiting for more details on these allegations. We have now received information indicating that the Chairman of the Mixed Armistice Commission specifically stated in his note dated 6 January 1967, that United Nations Observers were not permitted to carry out adequate investigation of these Israeli charges.

The Israeli letter to the Security Council alleged that "it was difficult to follow the tracks owing to a recent rainstorm". But this assertion too is belied by the fact that the Chairman of the Mixed Armistice Commission has stated in his note addressed to the Senior Delegates that "the weather and ground conditions were such on 9 and 10 December that these footprints should have been readily discernible". The note also emphasized that the Junior Israeli Delegate who accompanied the United Nations Military Observers as the Liaison Officer, "rejected the United Nations Military Observer's request to be shown the footprints referred to by a witness" .

Article Xl, paragraph. 10, of the General Armistice Agreements states that:

"Members of the Commission and its observers shall be accorded such freedom of movement and access in the area covered by this agreement as the Commission may determine to be necessary, provided that when such decisions of the Commission are reached by a majority vote, United Nations Observers only shall be employed".

The observations of the Chairman of the Mixed, Armistice Commission demonstrate an already established fact, namely, that the Israeli authorities not only refuse to comply with the provisions of the General Armistice Agreement, but are also intent on destroying the United Nations Armistice machinery in the area. In so doing, the Israeli authorities resort to lies and fabricated charges. Their purpose is twofold: (l) to build up a case for further acts of aggression, such as the dastardly attack on Es-Samu' village which resulted in heavy loss of life and property, and (2) to provide the Zionists with a situation which could be exploited for more tax-exempt donations in the United States and other forms of aid.

I its resolution 228 adopted at the 1328th meeting on 25 November 1966, the Security Council requested Your Excellency to keep the situation under review and I am therefore bringing this serious development with regard to the Mixed Armistice Commission to your attention and respectfully request that the following steps be taken:

1. That this letter be circulated to all members of the Security Council as an official document.

2. That a comprehensive report covering the full investigation of the Israeli charges against Jordan contained in document S/7656 of 30 December 1966 be circulated to all members of the Security Council as an official document of Security Council.

Please accept, etc.,

(Signed) Muhammad H. EI.FARRA
Permanent Representative


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