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        Security Council
29 February 1968



Further to my letter dated 23 February 1968,1/ I am enclosing one of the original copies of the memorandum sent by the dignitaries and inhabitants of Jerusalem to the Israeli authorities, protesting in the strongest terms the measures taken by the Israeli authorities to expropriate Arab lands in Jerusalem for building dwelling houses to settle large numbers of Jewish immigrants. I am also enclosing for Your Excellency's attention the English translation of the memorandum.

I request, upon instructions from my Government, that the English translation of this memorandum be circulated together with this letter as Security Council and General Assembly documents.

(Signed) Muhammad H. EL-FARRA
Permanent Representative

* Also issued under the symbol A/7058.


14 January 1968

His Excellency the A/Prime Minister
c/o His Excellency the Military Governor General
to the West Bank


The expropriation of large areas of land for building dwelling houses to settle large numbers of Jews in Arab Jerusalem, has been reported in some of the Israeli newspapers and duly confirmed by Israeli Authorities.

We are shocked and dismayed because we were under the impression that the Israeli Authorities would not embark on taking such a drastic step which affronts world public opinion. We have therefore hastened to present this memorandum with a view to safeguarding the character of Arab Jerusalem and to show the magnitude of our concern for the success of the attempts made in many quarters to secure peace. We wish to assure the Israeli Authorities of our grave misgivings concerning the scheme. The following are but some of our objections:

1. This move justifies our worst fears that a policy of expansion and aggression is being pursued by the Israeli leaders, and the talk about peace which is expressed now and again is a mere cover to hide their true aim of expansion.

2. This move will destroy all those possibilities of peace now being sought by various bodies.

3. This move will also obstruct the mission of the United Nations envoy in his efforts at finding equitable solutions to the problems of our region. It will be undoubtedly clear that Israel seeks to sabotage all basic solutions regardless of whatever declarations may be made by the Israeli Government that it is co-operating with the United Nations envoy in making his mission a success.

4. There is no need to reiterate what has been said before; that such a course of action is an affront and violation of United Nations resolutions; an infringement of the rights of another sovereign State and a member of the community of nations.

5. The gravity of the situation is by no means lessened on account of the avowed declarations that these dwellings will be available to the entire population regardless of race or religion. This is no more than a mask to cover the real aims of the authorities.

We wish to put on record our protest in the strongest possible terms in respect of these measures which are contrary to justice and in violation of international law. We raise our voice from Jerusalem, the cradle of humanitarian values and in the name of our legal rights. We hope that the ruling administration will abide by these values.

We still entertain a lingering hope that all is not lost; not reason and prudence; goodwill and the call for peace may yet prevail. This is to be achieved by forsaking this policy which is bound to obliterate or disfigure the true face and character of Arab Jerusalem and thus spare the world from another fait accompli.

Signed by:

1. Bishop Najeeb Qubein, Anglican Arab Community
2. Bishop Elaryon Kabboshi, Arab Catholic Community
3. Sheikh Hilmi Muhtaseb, President Moslem Community
4. Sheikh Sa'ddin Alami, Mufti of Jerusalem
5. Sheikh Said Sabri, Sharia Qadi Jerusalem
6. Anwar Khatib, Ex-Governor of Jerusalem
7. Anwar Nuseibeh, Ex-Jordan Ambassador at U.K.
8. Said Alaeddin, Ex-Minister of Economy
9. Abdul Hahim Shareef, Senator
10. Kamal Dajani, Ex-Minister of Interior
11. Rouhi el Khatib, Mayor of Jerusalem
12. Dr. Ibrahim Tleel, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem
13. Anton Safieh, Assistant Mayor of Jerusalem
14. Nihad Abugharbieh, Municipal Councillor of Jerusalem
15. Abdul Mughni Natshah, Municipal Councillor of Jerusalem
16. Mousa el Bitar, Municipal Councillor of Jerusalem
17. Khader Abu Sway, Municipal Councillor of Jerusalem
18. Ali Tazeez, Municipal Councillor and President
of Chamber of Commerce
19. Fayek Barakat, Municipal Councillor and
Director of Chamber of Commerce
20. Anton Albina, Member of Chamber of Commerce, Jerusalem
21. George Khader, Member of Chamber of Commerce, Jerusalem
22. Fayez Abdul Nor, Member of Chamber of Commerce, Jerusalem
23. George Akra, Member of Chamber of Commerce, Jerusalem
24. Abdul Hamid Asali, Member of Chamber of Commerce, Jerusalem
25. Khairi Nasereddin, Member of Chamber of Commerce, Jerusalem
26. Matia Marroum, Ex-member of Parliament
27. Emile Safieh, Ex-member of Parliament
28. Tayseer Kan'an, President, District Court of Jerusalem
29. Mohammad Ishaq Darwish, Member of Higher Arab Committee
30. Dr. Asad Bishara, Physician
31. Hafez Tahboub, Advocate
32. Jameel Naser, Advocate
33. Haj Omar Wa'ari, Advocate and Ex-Mayor
34. Dr. Saleem Ma'touq, Physician
35. Rashad el Sheikh, Mukhtar Sheikh Jarrah Quarter
36. Yousef Hanna, Editor
37. Dr. Daoud Huseini, Landlord and Ex-member of Parliament
38. Jawad Huseini, Landlord
39. Azeez Shhadeh, Advocate and Landlord
40. Mahmoud Osman, Landlord
41. Haj Tewfiq Abu Zahra, Landlord and Member of
Chamber of Commerce
42. Yousef Khoury, Architect and Contractor
43. Michal Sindaha, Representative of Labour Unions
44. Rida Kaddoumi, Member of Chamber of Commerce Jerusalem
45. Bader Sharaf, Landlord
46. Faisal Siam, Pharmacist, Landlord


1/ A/7057 and S/8427.

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