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Security Council

9 July 1948



Following is full text of Arab reply received by Mediator this morning from representative Cairo:

"Political Committee of League of Arab States has very carefully studied proposal put forth by United Nations Mediator for prolongation of Truce and has taken note of reasons which, in his view, justify such prolongation. In this connection the Committee would like to recall that Arab governments were forced to intervene militarily in Palestine on 15 May last in response to appeal of Arab inhabitants who are crushing majority of population to put an end to slaughters committed by Zionist terrorists against Arabs and humanity, to restore law and order in country and enable its inhabitants to exercise attributes of independence and right of self determination.

Indeed, it was due to this armed intervention that it was possible to save many Arab lives, avoid much destruction and further bloodshed and restore peace, law and order to areas occupied by Arab armies.

Despite the fact that Arab armies were at time masters of situation, Arab States accepted Security Council resolution of 29 May last inviting them to agree four week truce to enable United Nations Mediator carry out his functions. It was only to demonstrate their goodwill, and give further evidence their earnest desire co-operate with United Nations in efforts to arrive peaceful and just solution of Palestine problem they did so.

However, Arab apprehensions that Zionists were sure violate Truce conditions proved well founded. In fact, despite these conditions Zionists continued aggression against Arabs in areas under their occupation and steadily persisted throughout Truce in pursuing their policy of smuggling immigrants, arms and ammunition into country as witnessed by United Nations observers. They have also occupied number of villages and positions not in their possession at time of cease fire, They have furthermore intensified their aggressive activities against peace abiding inhabitants, burning their villages and crops in various parts of country. They have committed atrocities against civilian population plundering homes and pillaging property and forcing them work in erecting of fortifications, digging trenches and other hard labour.

All these activities, which constitute flagrant violation spirit and letter Security Council's resolution 29 May as well as of Truce conditions agreed to and accepted by both sides, were duly brought attention of United Nations Mediator.

As matter of fact, these flagrant violations of Truce constituted in themselves sufficient justification for immediate resumption of fighting by Arab States. However, much as they could ill afford it, they have patiently kept peace in desire to afford United Nations Mediator ample scope carry out his endeavours to find peaceful solution. Unfortunately, solution proposed by Mediator based as it is on continuation of status quo aiming at partition and creating of Jewish state has been most disappointing to Arabs. It is evident that status quo,which inspired suggestions put forth by Mediator is result of Zionist terrorist activities in which they have been encouraged by policy of hesitation and indecision adopted by former Mandatory Power in maintenance of law and order in country, a policy which has not only enabled Zionist gangs to amass huge forces, build strong fortifications in many parts of country and launch surprise attacks on peaceful population, but also to occupy many towns and villages and large areas without fighting.

The Mediator fully realizes that partition and establishment of Jewish State in country lies at root of present dispute. Therefore, the suggestion to accept status quo as basis for discussions to arrive at peaceful and permanent solution of problem undoubtedly proves to be inconsistent with principles of justice and democracy and detrimental permanent interests of country's inhabitants. Moreover, prolongation of Truce under present conditions would mean perpetration of status quo which Mediator adopted as basis for his suggestion. All those factors carry us away from purpose of His Excellency's mission which is to find peaceful and just solution to problem.

Further, the Zionists are steadily carrying on with establishment and consolidation of their State and there is no hope of their co-operation in arriving at desired peaceful settlement which was aim of Truce. This is confirmed by Mediator's memorandum 5 July setting forth his comments on Arab counter proposals.

His Excellency therein declares he is fully convinced there is no possibility of persuading Jews give up present separate cultural, political existence and accept merging in unitary State. It is not reasonable therefore, particularly after expression of such conviction to expect that prolongation of Truce would lead to desire peaceful settlement. On contrary such prolongation would help Zionist terrorists intensify aggressive activities, a state which would aggravate already grave situation and not serve cause of peace

Indeed, prolongation Truce in this manner is detrimental to Palestine Arabs who are majority. In fact, more then quarter million civilians among Arab inhabitants of country forced under terrorist pressure, anarchy and state of insecurity wrought by Zionist gangs to abandon homes and property to become refugees in Arab countries without resources after Zionists plundered their homes and laid hands on all their property. On contrary, as result of Truce Palestine's gates have been flung wide open to unlimited Jewish immigration which, in four weeks of Truce, has reached record unprecedented in annals of country. It is only natural for Zionists therefore to welcome Truce prolongation because, in addition to assisting them continue acts of violence and depredations against Arab neighbours and intensify policy of unlimited Jewish immigration, it hinders restoration of peace and security.

Nothing is more welcome to Arabs who are staunch supporters of peace than avoidance of bloodshed and solution of problems by peaceful means but impossibility of persuading Jewish minority to abandon political ambitions always alluded to by Mediator and its determination to impose its will by force and terrorism on the overwhelming majority of inhabitants of country who form part of Arab nation coupled with its violations of conditions of Truce and utilisation of interval as means for intensification of aggression against Arabs and for overflooding country with continuous flow of immigrants, all these factors make it imperative for Arab States not to agree to prolongation of Truce under present conditions and to take all measures necessary to bring those conditions to end. This, however, should not shut door in face of further efforts by Mediator, nor should it
preclude whatever proposals His Excellency may put forth in that capacity."


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