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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: European Union (EU)
19 December 2013

The Representative office of Tempus
In Palestine

Press Release

Under the patronage of the Prime Minister & the Representative
Of the European Union

Launching Tempus Projects in Palestine

Under the patronage of the Prime Minister Mr. Dr. Rami Hamdallah, the Minister of Education & Higher Education in Palestine Mr. Dr. Ali Abu Zuhri, the European Union's Head of Operations in Palestine Mr. Sergio Piccolo, the Representative of Tempus Office in Palestine Dr. Nedal Jayousi, and in the presence of deputies from ministries, the Presidents of Polytechnic University, the Arab American University, Al-Istiqlal University, Hebron University, Palestine Ahliya University, Kadoorie University and deputies from the universities of An-Najah, Birzeit, Al-Quds, scholars from Palestinian universities, and representatives from private companies and enterprises, Dr. Nedal Jayousi, the representative of Tempus Office in Palestine opened the conference stating that Palestine has won seven projects with a value of 6,005,286.48 Euros.

Dr. Nedal Jayousi announced the embark of honoring the awarded projects of Tempus Program in his 6th call for proposals under the patronage of the Prime Minister, the European Union's Head of Operations, and the Minister of Education & Higher Education. Dr. Jayyousi stated that Tempus program is the European Union's Program which supports the modernization of higher education in the countries of Palestine, Europe and Arab counties, hosted by the Ministry of Education & Higher Education. Moreover, he stated that Tempus program contributed in funding 20 educational projects with an estimated budget of more than 20 Million Euros, enhancing the Palestinian European partnerships and the neighboring countries.

Jayousi stated that the status of Tempus is distinguished this year from the other past years in winning seven projects; and for the first time, Palestine wins such a number of projects. Furthermore, Dr. Jayousi stated that Palestine is distinguished with the number of its filed projects which exceeded the projects of the neighboring countries of (Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Israel). Thanks to the interests of the Palestinian universities in benefiting from Tempus program and the distinguished achievement of Tempus office.

His Excellency, the Minister of Education & Higher Education Dr. Ali Abu Zuhri spoke about the importance of Tempus Program and its contributions to the Palestinian universities and the private sector. He demonstrated the impact of Tempus program and its clear role in the following:

1. Promoting the reform and modernization of higher education in the partner countries.

2. Upgrading the quality of higher education and linking it to the business world and society in the partner counties.

3. Enhancing the capacities of higher education institutions in Palestine especially their capacities to cooperate on the international level and ongoing development, assisting them in opening the business world and society in order to:

The European Union's Head of Operations Mr. Sergio Piccolo explained in his word, the significance of the role of Tempus office which is led by Dr. Nedal Jayousi. He showed that the programs of Tempus and Erasmus Mindos are the most major sponsored programs of the Palestinian higher education by the European Union.

Additionally, Piccolo indicated that Tempus program has played a significant role in enhancing the education sector through developing the quality of education, opening programs of graduate studies and enhancing the educational services, as well as, building the technical, managerial and academic capacities of university staffs. Piccolo indicated that an E+ program will be initiated under the administration of the current Tempus office which received the approval of the European Union with an appropriation of 4.7 Milliard Euro for the period 2014­2020.

Dr. Yousef Hassouna stressed in his word regarding the awarded projects of Tempus program this year on the role of Tempus office in Palestine and its impact on increasing the number of the awarded projects. Moreover, he demonstrated the gained benefits of the Palestinian universities through their involvement in Tempus programs in the following areas: promoting communications and networking, reforming the curricula, establishing laboratories, enhancing the measurement standards and managerial procedures. He indicated that the joint projects of Tempus contributed in enhancing the network between the university and other society organizations, where the service of the Palestinian community is a common component in the mission of the Palestinian universities, the academic and professional staff of civil and governmental organizations collaborated in training the staffs and developing educational materials in order to enhance the performance of the workforce in the sensitive areas of social and economic development such as:

· E Government.

The Prime Minister Mr. Dr. Rami Hamdallah thanked the European Union for funding Tempus and E+ programs, and stated the significance of the role of the National Tempus office in this regard. He stated:
Dr. Nedal Jayousi awarded a shield of appreciation to the Minister of Education & Higher Education as an appreciation for supporting Tempus program and Dr. Abu Zuhri the Minister of Education awarded Dr. Rami Hamdallah — the Prime Minister — for supporting Tempus activities. The Prime Minister awarded a shield of appreciation to the European Union's Head of Operations, and the representative of Tempus office in Palestine. · Eng. Ahmad I'daili
· Edmond Shehadeh
· Eng. Ishaq Seder
· Dr. Ashraf Quraish
· Dr. Akram Daoud
· Amani Maqadmeh
· Dr. Anwar Abdel Razeq
· Iyad Abu I'rah
· Dr. Iyad Tumar
· Dr. Iyad Jaber
· Ayah Fuqaha
· Dr. Taiseer Amro
· Dr. Jad Najjar
· Dr. Jamal Hussein
· Dr. Hanna Abdel Noor
· Dr. Khaled Shadid
· Dr. Khader Awad
· Dolli Kainaeh
· Dr. Raed Amro
· Dr. Rasheed Jayousi
· Dr. Rafiq Abu Ayyash
· Saeda Abu Halaweh
· Dr. Samer Mayaleh
· Eng. Samah Adeeb
· Mr. Dr. Samir Najdi
· Suha Khoury
· Dr. Salah Zaro
· Dr. Ali Jaber
· Dr. Fahoun Al Shalabi
· Dr. Mohammad Abu Kharzan
· Dr. Mahmoud Hawamdeh
· Dr. Mahmoud Saleh
· Mahmoud Njoum
· Dr. Mufid Qassoum
· Dr. Moemen Zughair
· Nadin Deeb
· Dr. Nael Salman
· Dr. Nathmi Al Masri
· Nivin Musleh
· Dr. Hani Qawaseh
· Hisham Qadomi
· Dr. Yehya Al Salqan
· Dr. Yousef Hasouneh

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