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        General Assembly
11 June 1986


Thirteenth special session

Held at Headquarters, New York, on Friday, 30 May 1986 at 10 a.m.


Mr. TERZI (Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO))

What the Palestine Liberation Organization believes it can contribute within its limited resources is primarily the deployment of human resources. The Palestine Liberation Organization is in fact engaged currently in a number of joint ventures in a number of African States. We are proud that we have one of the highest percentages of university graduates and experts in the fields of agriculture, farming and husbandry, and developed cottage industries, as well as expertise in other fields. By providing such experts we are achieving the aim of helping, on a joint venture basis, in the developing countries and of learning at the same time about the distinct peculiarities and developments on the ground. As a result of the injustices and suffering that afflict our people, we are conscious of our duties towards our brethren. To express our solidarity we share our know-how and experience in the common struggle for liberation and independence, both political and economic.

Long before the Zionist invasion, Palestine was the land of milk and honey. The orange blossoms spread their fragrance for scores of miles. We Palestinians reclaimed our lands to meet our needs. I hate to say it, but the Jaffa orange is still the best; and Jaffa is a Palestinian city.

Palestinians co-operating in the fields of development do not advocate or encourage the excessive production of one particular element; we do not provide false hopes and fictitious futuristic studies and prospects, then, through a pre-planned glut, manipulating the collapse not only of hope but of economic development already in progress. The developing world does not need hands reaching out; it does not need Marshall Plans: it needs understanding and co-operation. It needs a fair and equitable price for the raw materials it produces. The developing countries need peace and security and an end to the use or threat of use of force, whether military or economic, including any form of State terrorism.

Our appeal to the international community, particularly to the industrialized and developed countries, is to honour the purposes of this Organization and work together towards the achievement of international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic character.

Last Sunday marked two significant events: "The Race Against Time" and "Hands Across America". What we need is "Hands Across the Universe" - hands that extend in both directions, the vertical and the horizontal, North-South and, simultaneously, North-North and South-South.

Inflation and deflation, rates of interest and debts are but figures on paper that might delay and obstruct development; but the struggle of humanity for human relationships, understanding and co-operation will definitely be victorious.


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