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Source: Department of Public Information (DPI)
United Nations News Service (See also > DPI)
26 January 2010

Spokesperson's Noon Briefing

Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York



**Questions and Answers Question:  Thank you very much.  I wanted to ask yesterday:  where does the SG’s stand concerning the Goldstone report?  Is he planning to present an official report to the General Assembly on the basis of their resolution by 4 February or early February?

Spokesperson:  5 February, in fact, and that is what was stated in the General Assembly resolution that was passed, as you know, in November, and that set a three-month time scale for this, and it’s certainly the intention of the Secretary-General to report at that point.

Question:  To report what, exactly?

Spokesperson:  To report on precisely what the findings are so far.  There are a couple of points.  Firstly, that the Israeli Government and the Palestinian side were asked in this General Assembly resolution to carry out credible, independent investigations into the allegations and into the findings of the Goldstone report.  And this is something that the Secretary-General himself has also called for.  And so the second point is that, by the 29th of this month, there should be a response from the Israeli Government and the Palestinian side on what has been done in the meantime.  And it will be based on those responses that the Secretary-General will then be reporting to the General Assembly by 5 February.

Question:  And you expect a response from Hamas, too?  I mean, when you say the Palestinian side, you expect the government in Gaza to send an official something to the Secretary-General or the Palestinian Authority?

Spokesperson:  The General Assembly resolution was very clear, and a response would be expected in line with that.  And then it’s a question of ensuring that that information is collated so that the Secretary-General can report in good time, as anticipated in the resolution.  The General Assembly resolution was clear on what it asked for, and you’ll see what the response will be.  And the Secretary-General will be able to report on that.


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