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        General Assembly
        Security Council

24 June 1999

Fifty-third session Fifty-fourth year
Agenda item 40
The situation in the Middle East

Letter dated 24 June 1999 from the Permanent Representative
of Lebanon to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

Acting on instructions from my Government, and further to my earlier letter of 14 June 1999 concerning the repeated acts of aggression and the daily practices engaged in by the Israeli forces against the civilian population in southern Lebanon and the western Bekaa, I wish to inform you that Israeli aircraft today launched a series of attacks against the area of Al-Joumhour, on the Beirut heights, and bombed the local power station, destroying 80 per cent of it and plunging the town into darkness. The attacks also caused a number of fires, which the civil defence continues to fight.

At the same time, Israeli aircraft launched a number of bombing attacks against the south and the areas of Al Jia, to the south of Beirut, and of Baalbek and Ras-al-Aïn, in the northern Bekaa, where a mosque was entirely destroyed. These attacks are part of the new series of Israeli incursions during the past few days, which have left 5 people dead and 13 wounded and have caused considerable destruction of civilian property.

It would be no surprise if the military operations in the south and the bombing of the interior of the country, which constitute a flagrant violation of the April agreement, were the prelude of a large-scale attack against Lebanon. These unwarranted attacks are a provocation and may heighten the tension and jeopardize the current efforts to revive the peace process in the region.

I hereby request you to intervene and to take the necessary action to put a halt to the Israeli acts of aggression. I intend to keep you informed of developments in the tragic situation resulting therefrom.

The Government of Lebanon strongly condemns the continuation of the Israeli occupation and the further attacks and arbitrary practices to which the civilian population has been subjected and which have caused a number of dead and injured, together with substantial material damage.

This new series of attacks, together with the preceding ones, are a flagrant violation of the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon and run counter to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, the rules of international law and fundamental human rights.

I should be grateful if you would have the text of this letter circulated as a document of the General Assembly, under agenda item 40, and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Samir MOUBARAK
Permanent Representative


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