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23 October 1947
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Department of Public Information
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Lake Success, New York
Ad Hoc Committee on Palestinian Question
First Meeting
Press Release GA/PAL/25
23 October 1947

1. Sub-Committee I, of the Ad Hoc Committee on Palestine, composed of representatives of Canada, Czechoslovakia, Guatemala, Poland, South Africa, USA, USSR, Uruguay and Venezuela, held its first meeting this morning.

The mandate of Sub-Committee I is:

1) To draw up a detailed plan for the future Government of Palestine in accordance with the basic principles of the unanimous recommendations and the majority plan of the UNSCOP;

2) To incorporate this plan in the form of recommendations;

3) To consider the exercise of administrative responsibility in Palestine during the transitional period;

4) To consider methods by which recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question would be put into effect.

The Secretary of the Committee, Dr. A. G. Robles, called the Sub-Committee to order at 11:30 a.m. and called upon it to elect its Chairman.

Mr. Ksawery Pruszynski (Poland) was nominated by Mr. Herschel Johnson (US) and elected by. acclamation.

Professor Henrique Rodriguez Fabregat (Uruguay) was unanimously elected as Rapporteur.

The Chairman informed the Sub-Committee that the delegation of the United Kingdom, for reasons previously explained, did not consider themselves in a position to serve on either of the two Sub-Committees. They were, however, willing, he said, to participate as observers in both Sub-Committees, and if it were so decided by the Sub-Committees, their representatives would be willing to furnish assistance and provide any information required. This was agreed upon.

The Chairman also brought to the attention of the Sub-Committee a letter received yesterday by the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee from the Jewish Agency for Palestine. This letter asked that the Jewish Agency be allowed to have the opportunity of attending meetings of Sub-Committee I, and of participating in its discussions, and submitting proposals and views.”

After some discussion, it was decided to grant this request but on the understanding that the Jewish Agency would not have the right to vote.

After some discussion, it was decided in principle to hold the meetings of the Sub-Committee in public while reserving the right to hold them in private whenever such a procedure might be considered advisable.

The Sub-Committee adjourned shortly before 12:30 AM, and will reconvene thin afternoon at 2:30 PM