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        General Assembly
        Security Council

11 July 1986


Forty-first session
Item 37 of the preliminary list*
Forty-first year

Letter dated 11 July 1986 from the Permanent Representative of Israel
to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

Pursuant to my statement at the fortieth session of the General Assembly regarding the situation in the Middle East (see A/40/PV.104) and my letter dated 15 April 1986 (A/41/290-S/18002), I would like to present the attached annex of violent acts that have occurred in the Middle East since that time. This list is reproduced from the Foreign Broadcasting Information Service and is catalogued primarily from Arab sources. It details acts of internecine violence and attacks by one Middle Eastern régime against another. It excludes attacks against Israel.

This document is an update for the period from 1 March 1986 to 30 June 1986. Unfortunately, the level of Middle Eastern violence during this period has far from declined. The region continues to experience unprecedented waves of bombings, kidnappings, assassinations, executions, hijackings, border incursions and mass killings.

This compendium demonstrates once again a sad truth: the source of the many conflicts in the Middle East is the propensity for violence of many of the régimes in the area. The hostility toward Israel is merely a specific instance, and a product of, this generic intolerance.

I have the honour to request that this letter and the attached annex be circulated as an official document of the General Assembly, under item 37 of the preliminary list, and of the Security Council.
(Signed) Benjamin NETANYAHU


Calendar of Middle Eastern violence

1 April 1986-30 June 1986

Source: World press reports as reproduced in the
"Foreign Broadcasting Information Service"

April 1986
1 AprilFighting erupts in Palestinian camps near Beirut
2 AprilIraq kills 842 Iranians
2 April2 British teachers kidnapped in Beirut
2 AprilPolisario kill 20 Moroccans
4 AprilIran sinks Iraqi ship
4 AprilAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Beirut
4 AprilBomb explodes in Khartoum injuring 2 children
5 AprilIran kills 300 Iraqis
5 AprilIran attacks Saudi tanker injuring 29
5 AprilExplosion in Damascus
7 AprilShelling and shooting between Lebanese militiamen break out in Beirut suburbs
7 AprilLebanese Communist Party official found murdered in Lebanon
7 AprilSudanese People's Liberation Army kill 15 Sudanese
7 AprilSunni and Druze gunmen clash in Lebanon killing 13 Sunnis and 2 Druze
8 AprilMassive explosion in Lebanon kills 11 and wounds 116
8 AprilAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Beirut
8 AprilIran downs 2 Iraqi planes
9 AprilIraq attacks Iranian ship
9 AprilFrench national kidnapped in Beirut
9 AprilDruze officer assassinated in Beirut
9 AprilExplosion in Teheran kills 1 and wounds 5
9 AprilIraqi Kurds kill 34 and wound 15 Iraqis
9 AprilCar-bomb kills 12 outside Sabena airline office in Beirut
9 AprilIraq kills 190 Iranians
9 AprilCatholic bishop kidnapped in Tripoli, Libya
10 AprilCar-bomb in Sidon kills 3 and wounds 34
10 AprilDruze and Syrian gunmen clash in Shouf Mountains wounding 3
10 AprilAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in and around Beirut
11 AprilIrish teacher kidnapped in Beirut
11 AprilPLO official Raji al-Najmah kidnapped in Beirut
12 AprilIran kills 100 Iraqis
12 AprilIraq kills 720 Iranians
13 AprilIraq attacks 2 Iranian ships
13 AprilAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Lebanon killing 3 and wounding 17
14 AprilAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Lebanon
14 AprilIran kills 100 Iraqis
15 AprilIraq kills 129 Iranians
15 AprilCar-bomb explodes near Amal center in Beirut
16 AprilUnited States diplomat shot in Khartoum
16 April2 car-bombs explode in Syria killing 27 and wounding 74
16 April2 British and 1 American murdered in Beirut by Islamic Jihad
16 AprilExplosion in Damascus kills 144 and wounds 149
16 AprilAlawite intelligence officer assassinated in Syria
17 AprilIraq kills 500 Iranians
17 AprilBritish photographer kidnapped in Beirut
17 AprilAssassination attempt on British ambassador in Beirut
17 AprilIraq kills 436 and wound 1,100 Iranians
18 AprilSyrian national found dead in Lebanon
18 AprilIraq kills 67 Iranians
18 AprilIran attacks 2 Panamanian tankers in Gulf
20 AprilIran kills 1,500 and wounds 2,600 Iraqis
20 AprilIraq kills 150 Iranians
20 AprilTurkish tanker attacked by unidentified plane killing 3
21 AprilSaharan People's Liberation Army kills Moroccan officer
22 AprilIraq attacks Iranian ship
22 AprilShooting at PLO offices in Amman wounds 2
22 AprilIraq attacks Iranian village injuring 5
23 AprilGunmen kill Palestinian in Beirut
23 AprilBomb diffused at UK Cultural Centre in Beirut
23 April3 explosions rock coastal town in Syria injuring over 20
23 AprilTerrorist acts in northern Syria injure 73
24 AprilHeavy shelling breaks out in Beirut
24 AprilSudanese People's Liberation Army kills 47 and wounds 75 civilians
24 AprilIran kills 460 Iraqis
25 AprilFighting breaks out in Beirut killing 5 and wounding 34
26 AprilExplosion in Beirut damages British bank
26 AprilQatar seizes island between Bahrain and Qatar, capturing 29 Bahraini citizens
26 AprilIraq kills 1, 950 Iranians
26 AprilFrench teacher wounded and woman killed in Beirut
27 AprilIran kills 200 Iraqis
28 AprilIraq attacks Iranian tanker
28 AprilSniper fire in Beirut suburb wound 1
28 AprilIran kills over 4,000 Iraqis
28 April2 Cypriot students of American University of Beirut kidnapped in Beirut
28 AprilDruze gunmen clash with members of Lebanese army
29 AprilIran kills 300 Iraqis
29 AprilHijack attempt on Kuwait Airways 747 foiled by Kuwaiti security
30 AprilIraq attacks 2 Iranian ships
May 1986
1 MayReported assassination attempt in Riyahd (one week earlier) on Saudi Defense Minister Sultan Ibn Abd al-Aziz
1 MayIranian plane attacks Saudi tanker killing captain, 2 sailors and injuring 6
1 MayPLO official kidnapped from cinema in Beirut
1 MayClashes erupt in Lebanon between Hezbollah and Syrian army injuring 10
1 MaySPLA kills 13 and wounds 11 Sudanese
2 MayIran kills 4,000 Iraqis
2 MayIraq kills 2,730 Iranians
3 MayReported assassination attempt (one week earlier) on Syrian Vice-President Abd al-Halim Khaddam in Damascus; driver killed and 2 injured
3 May2 Palestinians murdered in Beirut
3 May1 woman killed and 4 wounded in Beirut fighting
4 MaySyrian forces and Hezbollah clash in Lebanon
5 MayAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Sabra and Shatila camps
5 MayViolent clashes in Beirut erupt killing 3 and wounding 11
6 MayIraq hits Iranian ship
6 MayIraq attacks Cypriot and Liberian tankers
6 MayPLO official Abu al-Fahd found murdered in Beirut
6 May"Islamic Group" official assassinated in Tripoli, Libya
7 MayFrench national kidnapped in Beirut (the ninth French citizen kidnapped in the last 18 months)
7 MayIraq kills 3 Iranian civilians and wounds 20
7 MayIran attacks Saudi tanker off Qatar
7 MayProfessor at American University of Beirut kidnapped
7 MayClashes erupt between Hezbollah and Syrians
7 MayAmal and pro-Syrian Red Knights gunmen clash in Beirut
7 MayFormer Red Knights Commander Al-Khatib assassinated in Lebanon with 3 companions
8 MayIraq attacks Iranian ship
8 MayLebanese army major murdered in Beirut
9 MayBomb explodes in Teheran killing 3
9 MayIran kills over 3,000 Iraqis
9 MaySyrians shell Halat airport in Lebanon upon arrival of President Jumayyil from Tunisia
9 MayAmal gunmen kidnap 7 Druze men including 2 sheikhs
9 MayIraq kills 1,584 Iranians
10 MayMuslim Brotherhood and Syrian army clash in Lebanon
11 MayPalestinian murdered by gunmen in Ayn al-Hulwah camp
12 MaySyrian officers in Lebanon reportedly executed by Syrian authorities over past 2 weeks
12 MayBooby-trapped car diffused in East Beirut
13 MayIraq kills 76 Iranians
13 MayIraq downs Iranian plane
13 MayLebanese Health Ministry worker and companion kidnapped by gunmen in Beirut
13 MayIndian diplomat kidnapped in Beirut
14 MayIran kills 200 Iraqis
14 MayGunmen attack Senegalese Embassy in Beirut
14 MayIraq bombs civilian train en route to Teheran killing 61 and wounding 270
15 MayIraq kills 780 Iranians
15 MayIran kills 1,100 Iraqis
16 MayIraq attacks Iranian ship
17 MayGunmen kidnap Palestinian official in Beirut
17 MayCar-bomb explodes in Beirut killing 3
18 MayGunmen attack Syrian Social Nationalist Party headquarters in Beirut
18 MayRadio correspondent in Tripoli, Lebanon, kidnapped and murdered
18 MaySudanese rebel forces down plane killing 8
19 MayIran kills 1,000 Iraqis
20 MayIraq downs Iranian plane
20 MayAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Beirut killing 7
20 MayPalestinian and Shiite gunmen clash in Sabra and Shatila camps killing 1
20 MayIran kills 300 Iraqis
20 MayBodyguards of United States ambassador kidnapped in Lebanon
21 MaySaharan People's Liberation Army kills 13 Moroccans
21 MayIran kills 1,500 Iraqis
21 MayAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Lebanese suburbs killing 6 and wounding 22
22 May28 killed and 101 wounded in "indiscriminate" shelling in Beirut
22 MaySyrians shell Hezbollah centres in Lebanon
22 May23 killed and 71 wounded in Beirut shelling
23 MayCar-bomb explodes in East Beirut killing 11 and wounding 85
23 MayAmal gunmen and Soviet Embassy guards clash in Beirut killing 1 and wounding 2
23 MaySPLA kills 20 Sudanese
23 May3 days of fighting in Lebanon (21-23 May) leaves 64 dead and 243 wounded
23 MayIran kills 800 Iraqis
24 MayLebanese gunmen attack Romanian diplomats
24 MayCarmelite priest killed by 6 gunmen in Lebanon
24 MayMajor General Al-Farusi, commander of Syrian forces in Lebanon, reportedly killed during recent explosions in Syrian towns
24 MayExplosion in East Beirut injures 4
25 MayIraq hits oil-laden Cypriot tanker
26 MayBomb explodes in Beirut killing 2 and injuring 5
26 MaySPLA kills 6 Sudanese
27 MayIraq reportedly drops chemical bombs in raids on Iran
27 MayIran attacks German ship in Gulf
27 MayIraq attacks Iranian ship
27 MayShelling in Beirut suburb kills 4 and wounds 15
27 MayAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Palestinian camps near Beirut
28 MayAssassination attempt on Lebanese Minister Nabib Berri in Beirut; 3 wounded
28 MaySniper fire erupts near Kuwaiti Embassy in Beirut
28 MayAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in refugee camps around Beirut wounding 10
28 MayCar-bomb explodes in Lebanon killing former Shiite army official
28 May11 killed and 50 wounded in Beirut clashes
28 MayAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Shatila camp killing 2
29 MayLebanese educational officer kidnapped in Beirut
29 May2 Armenians assassinated by gunmen in Beirut
29 MayAmal kidnaps 3 Hezbollah officials in Beirut
30 MayIraq attacks 2 Iranian ships
30 MayIraq shells Iranian mosque and 20 suburban homes near Teheran
31 MayShiite and Palestinian gunmen clash in Beirut wounding 100 civilians
31 MayIraq attacks Liberian tanker
31 MayClashes in Palestinian refugee camps continue; 19 killed and 95 wounded
June 1986
1 June6 killed and 59 wounded in fierce clashes between Amal and Palestinian gunmen in refugee camps around Beirut
1 JuneAmal gunmen killed in Beirut suburb
1 JuneSaharan People's Liberation Army kills 47 Moroccans
2 JuneShiite and Sunni militias fight in Beirut streets wounding dozens
2 JuneSaharan People's Liberation Army kills 6 and wounds 10 Moroccans
3 JuneAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Beirut wounding 30
3 JuneIraq bombs Iranian residential area killing 11 civilians
3 JuneAmal gunmen and members of "6 February Movement" clash in Beirut killing 5 and wounding 21
3 JuneIraq attacks Iranian ship
3 JuneCar-bomb explodes in Damascus restaurant causing over 300 casualties
3 JuneAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Beirut killing 53 and wounding 242
3 JuneSaharan People's Liberation Army kills 13 Moroccans
4 JuneAmal gunment attack hospitals in Beirut wounding doctors, nurses and patients
4 JuneSaharan People's Liberation Army kills 20 Moroccans
4 June1 killed and 5 wounded in shelling near Kuwaiti Embassy in Beirut
5 JuneLebanese Army Colonel kidnapped in Beirut by gunmen
5 JuneAssassination attempt on former Prime Minister Rashid al-Suhi in Beirut
5 JuneAnnouncement that Abu Musa escaped assassination attempt in Damascus one week earlier
6 JuneAnnouncement that PDRY leader Haydar Abu Baker al-Attas escaped 3 recent assassination attempts; 1 killed
6 JuneSyrian intelligence and Muslim Brotherhood members clash in Lebanon killing 20 and wounding 100
6 JuneSouth Yemeni aircraft raid villages killing 8 and wounding over 30 in South Yemen
6 JuneAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Shatila camps killing 5 and injuring many women and children
7 JuneIraq attacks Liberian tanker
7 JuneExplosion damages Italian attaché's car in East Beirut
7 JuneSaharan People's Liberation Army kills 25 Moroccans
7 JuneHeavy shelling in East Beirut
8 JuneAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Beirut killing 1 and wounding 9
8 JuneIraq attacks Iranian communications centre knocking out links with foreign countries
8 JuneIraq attacks Iranian ship
8 JuneAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Shatila camp killing 4 and wounding 22, including 8 women and children
8 JuneExplosion near Nabib Berri's home near Beirut injures 2 children
8 JuneAmal rockets hit Jumblatt house in Lebanon
8 JuneSudanese People's Liberation Army kills 23 and wound 39 civilians
9 JuneIraq attacks Iranian ship
9 JuneSaharan People's Liberation Army kills 32 Moroccans
9 JuneHezbollah and Syrian nationalist gunmen clash in Beirut
9 JuneRocket attack on Channel 7 television station in Beirut
10 June10 killed and 70 wounded in shelling of Palestinian camps in Beirut
10 JuneIraq downs Iranian plane
10 JuneSenior PLO official assassinated in Athens
10 JuneIraq hits Iranian ship
10 JuneExplosion in front of Amal office in Beirut
11 JuneSaharan People's Liberation Army kills 8 Moroccans
12 JuneAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in refugee camps killing 5 and wounding 30
14 JuneIran kills 200 Iraqis
14 JuneHezbollah and Syrian Social Nationalist Party clash in Lebanon killing 20 and wounding 100
14 JuneIraq shoots down 2 Iranian planes
15 JuneAmal and Palestinian gunment clash in Lebanon killing 3 and wounding 7
15 JuneAssassination attempt on senior Amal official in Lebanon
16 JuneGreek tanker attacked by unidentified helicopter in Gulf off Dubai coast
16 June4 Al-Nahar newspaper employees kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in Beirut
17 JuneIran kills 150 and wounds hundreds of Iraqis
17 JuneSaharan National Navy destroys Moroccan ship
18 JuneBomb explodes in Beirut cinema
18 JuneExplosion in Beirut bank injures 1
18 JuneSaharan People's Liberation Army kills 15 Moroccans
20 JuneAssassination attempt on Sudanese party officials in Khartoum
21 JunePalestinian gunmen set fire to home of Lebanese citizen in Beirut
21 JuneAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Sabra and Shatila camps killing 38 and wounding 352
22 JuneIran attacks Philippine tanker in Gulf killing 1
23 JuneExplosion in Lebanese radio station wounds 1
24 JuneAnnouncement that in recent attacks 50 Sudanese tribal members were killed by rival ethnic groups, including 6 pregnant women
24 JuneLebanese Prime Minister Karami's home attacked by rockets
25 June"Black Palm Organization" claims the killing of 13 Syrian officers in Tripoli, Lebanon
26 JuneAmal kidnaps 6 Palestinians in Beirut
26 JuneHezbollah and pro-Syrian groups clash in Palestinian camps around Beirut
26 JuneAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Tyre killing 1
27 JuneFighting erupts around Beirut between Shiite and Palestinian gunmen killing 7 and wounding 36
27 JuneIran attacks 2 oil tankers in the Gulf injuring 7 seamen
27 JuneFighting breaks out around Beirut among members of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP)
27 June33 reported killed in fighting between rival militias in southern Sudan
28 JuneIran shells civilian sectors of Kirkuk, Iraq
28 June"Black Palm Organization" attempts to assassinate chief Syrian intelligence officer in Lebanon
29 JuneCar bomb in Beirut seriously injures SSNP official
29 JuneArafat announces 2,000 casualty toll from 7 weeks of fighting in Palestinian refugee camps in and around Beirut
29 JuneFierce fighting breaks out in northern Lebanon between SSNP and members of "Islamic Unification Movement"
29 JuneIraq bombs 2 Iranian villages killing 5 civilians and wounding 28
30 JuneFighting erupts north of Sidon between Palestinians and members of Nasserite Popular Organization
30 June500 Iraqis killed in Iranian Mehran offensive


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