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        General Assembly
        Security Council

16 April 1986


Forty-first session
Item 37 of the preliminary list*
Forty-first year

Letter dated 15 April 1986 from the Permanent Representative of Israel
to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

In my statement to the fortieth session of the General Assembly regarding the situation in the Middle East (A/40/PV.104), I presented a list of violent acts that had occurred in the Middle East during 1985. This list, reproduced from the Foreign Broadcasting Information Service and catalogued primarily from Arab sources, included acts of internecine violence and attacks by one Middle eastern régime against another.

The attached document is an update for the period from December 1985 to March 1986. Regrettably, in what was supposed to be the United Nations "Year of Peace", the level of Middle Eastern violence in 1986 has not subsided. In fact, there has been a significant upsurge in violence from the Persian Gulf to the Sahara. As the attached compendium (by no means exhaustive) indicates, bombings, kidnappings, assassinations, executions, coups, hijackings, border incursions and outright war continue to characterize the politics of the region.

This catalogue excludes acts of violence directed against Israel, demonstrating vet yet again the true source of the various conflicts in the Middle East - the continual intolerance and the propensity for violence that characterize
many of the regimes in the region.

I have the honour to request that this letter and the attached annex be circulated as an official document of the General Assembly, under item 37 of the preliminary list, and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Benjamin NETANYAHU


Calendar of Middle Eastern violence

December 1985 - March 1986

Source: World press reports as reproduced in the
"Foreign Broadcasting Information Service"

December 1985
1 DecemberAssassination attempt on Ahmed Jibril in Damascus
2 DecemberOpposition leader kidnapped in Sudan
2 DecemberIraq attacks Kharg Island
2 DecemberIraq kills 50 Iranians
2 DecemberSPLA kills 26 Sudanese
3 DecemberIraq attacks Iranian ship
3 DecemberAssassination attempt on former Sudanese Foreign Minister, Dr. Mansur Khalid, in London
4 DecemberIraq attacks Kharg Island
4 DecemberExplosion in Beirut
4 DecemberDruze attack Lebanese official in Beirut
4 DecemberSudan kills 1,357 SPLA members
6 DecemberSudan kills ___ SPLA members
7 DecemberCar-bomb explodes in Teheran killing 2
7 DecemberIraq attacks Cypriot oil tanker
7 DecemberIraq attacks Kharg Island
7 DecemberLebanese faction kidnaps 2 United Nations soldiers from UNIFIL headquarters
10 DecemberIraq attacks Iranian border town
11 DecemberAmal and PSP gunmen clash in Beirut
12 DecemberIraq attacks Iranian ship
12 DecemberIraq raids Kharg Island
14 DecemberIraq hits 2 Iranian ships
14 DecemberIraq attacks Kharg Island
14 DecemberSyrian forces attack Hezbollah headquarters in Lebanon
14 DecemberIraqi Kurds kill 26 Iraqis
16 December2 NBC crewmen kidnapped in Beirut
17 DecemberIraq hits Iranian ship
17 December3 teachers kidnapped in Beirut
18 DecemberSeventh Lebanese Jew kidnapped in Lebanon
20 DecemberIraq attacks Kharg Island
21 DecemberIraq attacks Iranian ship
24 DecemberLebanese Jew murdered in Beirut
24 DecemberAssassination attempt on Maronite Bishop in Lebanon
25 DecemberIran attacks Kuwaiti tanker in Qatari waters
27 DecemberIraq attacks Kharg Island and hits Iranian ship
31 DecemberAssassination attempt on President Amin Gemeyal in Beirut
31 DecemberAssassination attempt on Arab Democratic party official in Beirut
31 December3 killed, 26 wounded in Beirut explosion
January 1986
1 JanuarySecond Jewish hostage executed in Beirut
1 JanuaryIraq hits Cypriot oil tanker
4 JanuaryAssassination attempt on Syrian official in Beirut
5 JanuaryIraq hits Maltese oil tanker
7 JanuaryIran raids northern Iraq
7 JanuaryAide of Shiite leader Fadlallah shot in Lebanon
7 JanuarySPLA clashes with government militia; 13 killed, 29 wounded
8 JanuaryAnnouncement of assassination attempt on Farouq Qaddumi 2 weeks earlier
8 JanuaryLibya downs unidentified warplane in Gulf of Sidra
9 JanuaryCar-bomb explodes near P. M. Karami's house in Lebanon
11 JanuaryRocket hit Voice of Hope radio station in Lebanon
12 JanuaryIran seizes British ship in Arab Gulf waters
13 JanuaryMass assassination attempt on PDRY Politburo; 4 ministers killed
13 JanuaryIraq raids Kharg Island, kills 6
13 JanuaryFighting erupts between militias in Beirut
14 January55 top PDRY officials killed in tribal warfare in Aden
14 JanuaryCoup d'état in Aden
14 JanuaryMass fighting erupts in Aden; hundreds killed
14 JanuaryAlgerian diplomat killed in Aden
15 JanuaryHubayqah headquarters attacked in Lebanon
16 JanuaryBomb explodes near Syrian/PDRY airlines offices in Abu Dhabi
16 January200 killed, 600 wounded in Beirut fighting
16 JanuaryLebanese army kills 10 civilians near Beirut
16 JanuaryRiot breaks out in Khartoum
17 January3 Spanish diplomats kidnapped in Beirut
17 JanuaryCar-bomb explodes in Sidon
18 JanuarySaharan People's Liberation Army announces 107 Moroccan soldiers killed, 194 wounded during December 1985
19 JanuaryIran kills 60 Iraqi troops
20 JanuaryFamily members of "Ali Nasir" killed in PDRY
21 JanuaryExplosion in Beirut kills 20; injures 110
21 JanuaryFighting erupts near Tyre
23 January18 Soviet technicians killed in DPRY
23 JanuaryIraq bombs Iranian pipeline
23 January15,000 killed in 10 days of fighting between rival Marxist factions in Aden
23 JanuaryIraq attacks Kharg Island killing 20
23 January70 Moroccan soldiers killed by Polisario
26 JanuaryIraq attacks Iranian towns; 21 killed
28 JanuaryFighting erupts in Palestinian camps near Beirut
28 JanuaryClashes erupt in Morocco killing 40, mostly women
29 JanuaryAmal kidnaps 5 Palestinians in Beirut
29 January5 civilians killed in fighting around Palestinian camps
30 JanuaryPresidential palace grounds bombed in Lebanon
30 January13 killed in fighting between Amal and Palestinian gunmen in camps
31 JanuarySouth Korean diplomat killed in Beirut
31 JanuaryAssassination attempt on Eli Hubayqah; 3 wounded
31 JanuaryBomb explodes in Lebanon
March 1986
1 MarchIran kills 500 Iraqis
2 MarchIraq kills 800 Iranians
2 MarchIraq attacks Turkish oil tanker; 1 killed
2 MarchIraq kills over 450 Iranians
3 MarchRocket fire injures 6 in east Lebanon
3 MarchArmenian leader assassinated in Lebanon
3 MarchHezbollah murders 11, including 2 women in Beirut
3 MarchViolent clashes in Beirut; 1 policeman killed, 15 wounded
4 MarchIraq raids Iranian town; 12 civilians killed, 72 injured
4 MarchBeirut fighting kills 7, wounds 30
4 MarchIraq attacks French oil tankers
5 MarchCar-bomb explodes in Sidon killing 3
5 MarchIran attacks Iraq; 400 killed, 800 wounded
5 MarchUnidentified planes kill Kuwaiti national
5 MarchFrench national murdered in Lebanon
6 MarchIranian missiles hit Cypriot oil tanker killing 4
8 MarchFrench TV crew kidnapped in Beirut
8 MarchCar-bomb explodes in Beirut killing 5, wounding 38
9 MarchIran downs 3 Iraqi jets
10 MarchPDRY official dies from torture in Aden detention camp
11 MarchIraq hits Iranian ship
11 MarchIran kills 200 Iraqis
11 MarchBeirut sheikh assassinated
12 MarchUnited Nations soldier killed by sniper in Beirut
13 MarchCar-bomb explodes in central Damascus
13 MarchSecond booby-trapped car found in Damascus
14 MarchExplosion rocks Damascus
16 MarchIraqi planes attack Iranian village killing 3 civilians, wounding 15
17 MarchIraq attacks Cypriot oil tanker
18 MarchUNRWA employee kidnapped in Beirut
18 MarchIraq sinks Iranian tanker
18 MarchAmal and Hezbollah gunmen clash in Lebanon
19 MarchIran kills 50 Iraqis
19 MarchIraqi planes bomb Iranian town
19 MarchAmal and Hezbollah gunmen clash in Lebanon
20 MarchIraq attacks 3 Iranian ships
20 MarchIraq attacks Liberian tanker
20 MarchIraq attacks Cypriot tanker
22 MarchIraq destroys power station in Iran
23 MarchAssassination attempt on Sheikh Fadlallah in Beirut
24 MarchLibya attacks U.S. ships in international waters
25 MarchSecond Libyan attack on U.S. ships in international waters
26 MarchCar-bombs destroy Phalangist headquarters in Beirut; 11 killed, 80 wounded
29 MarchPalestinian and Shiite gunmen clash in Beirut; 4 killed, 30 wounded
29 MarchBomb explodes in Beirut
29 March2 UNIFIL soldiers killed by sniper-fire in Lebanon
29 MarchIraq attacks Liberian tanker
29 MarchAmal kidnap 4 Palestinians in Beirut
29 March5 Christians kidnapped in Beirut
30 MarchIran attacks Norwegian tanker
30 MarchPolisario kills 46 Moroccans
30 MarchPalestinian and Shiite gunmen clash in Beirut; 4 killed, 5 wounded
31 MarchAmal and Palestinian gunmen clash in Lebanon, killing 18, wounding 60
31 MarchIran kills 300 Iraqis
31 MarchAssassination attempt on Lebanese Minister Nabih Berri
31 MarchPolisario kills 8 Moroccans


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