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        Security Council
1 December 1976


Further report on the status of the cease-fire in the

Israel-Lebanon sector

The Chief of Staff of UNTSO has submitted the following report on developments in the Israel-Lebanon sector during November 1976.

1. Ground and air activity in the sector increased generally during the period under review. Ground activity occurred mainly in the vicinity of the villages of Bent Jbail (AMR 1908-2805), 1/ and Ain Ebel (AMR 1880-2795) between 8 and 21 November. Naval activity decreased.

2. Israel forces personnel continued to be observed occupying six positions on the Lebanese side Of the armistice demarcation line (ADL) near border pillars 6 (AMR 1680-2770), 11 (AMR 1799-2788), l4 (AMR 1838-2740 (except on 15, 18, 22, 24, 27 and 29 November), 18 (AMR 1880-2740) (except on 24, 27 and 29 November), 19 (AMR 1907-2749) (except on 20, 27 and 29 November) and 33 (AMR 2004-2940 (except on 26, 28, 29 and 30 November).

3. There were 20 cases of firing across the ADL, one of which involved an exchange of fire. There were also two crossing violations. These were reported as follows:

(a) OP Lab (AMR 1614-2772), south of the village of Labouna, reported automatic-weapons fire (two reports) by Israel forces on 23 November. It also reported one crossing violation by-Israel forces on 3 November (maximum penetration 200 metres).

(b) OP Hin (AMR 1770-2790), east of the village of Marouahine, reported artillery fire on 10 November and mortar fire on 23 November, all by Israel forces. It also reported an exchange of fire on 19 November involving automatic-weapons fire by both Israel forces and unidentified forces. United Nations military observers were unable to determine which side initiated the fire.

(c) OP Ras (AMR 1920-2785), south-east of the village of Maroun Er Ras, reported artillery fire on 9 (two reports), 10, 11 (three reports), 12 (three reports) and 21 (two reports) November, mortar fire on 11 November and flares on 23 November, all by Israel forces.

(d) Naqoura Outstation (AMR 1629-2805), on the coast near the village of Naqpura, reported that an Israel forces naval vessel penetrated Lebanese territorial waters on 14 November (penetration 15,000 metres when last observed).

(e) UNTSO mobile patrols, while located at AMR 1840-2745 and AMR 1811-2787, reported artillery fire by Israel forces on 11 November (two reports).

4. There were 34 overflights reported during the period. Overflights by Israel forces jet aircraft were reported on 1, 3, 4 and 23 November (one each day), on 5, 7 and 14 November (two each day), on 9, 11 and 17 November (three each day), on 18 November (four overflights) and on 15 November (five overflights). Overflights by Israel forces helicopters were reported on 8 and 9 November and by an Israel forces twin-engine aircraft on 22 November (maximum penetration 500 metres in each case). Additionally, three overflights by unidentified propeller aircraft were reported on 17 November; United Nations military observers were unable to identify the aircraft owing to darkness.


1/ AMR - approximate map reference.

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