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        Security Council
20 September 1977


Further report on the status of the cease-fire
in the Israel-Lebanon sector

The Chief of Staff of UNTSO, Major-General E. A. Erskine, has submitted to the Secretary-General the following special report concerning certain developments in the area of OP Khiam (AMR 2071-3025) 1/ which relate to the UNTSO cease-fire observation operation in the Israel-Lebanon sector: 2/

"1. The observers at OP Khiam have reported that Israeli artillery had fired across the armistice demarcation line (ADL) or across the line between Lebanese territory and Israel-occupied Syrian territory at the area of El Khiam on 16, 17, 18 and 19 September 1977 About 653 rounds were fired on 16 September, 51 on 17 September, 987 rounds on 18 September and 81 rounds on 19 September. Most of these rounds impacted in or around El Khiam.

2. OP Khiam observed on 18 September two crossings of the ADL by personnel who could not be identified. Five armoured personnel carriers (APCs) were first observed at 1205 hours GMT in the vicinity of El Qlaia inside Lebanese territory and crossed into Israel through the Metulla Gate at 1220 hours GMT. One jeep and one truck were first observed at 1310 hours GMT in Lebanon north of Metulla and crossed into Israel in this area at 1318 hours GMT.

3. OP Khiam also reported one high-altitude reconnaissance flight by two Israeli forces Phantoms each day on l6 and 18 September. Additionally, OP Mar (AMR 1998-2921) observed one Israeli forces Skyhawk flying at low altitude inside Lebanon on 19 September.

4. Because of intensified fighting between de facto forces in the area of El Khiam since 16 September 1977 it has not been possible to relieve and resupply OP Khiam. The two United Nations military observers on duty at the OP, however, are reported to be safe. They have a sufficient supply of food and water for several days, and there is a good shelter at the OP."


1/ AMR- approximate map reference.

2/ UNTSO observers are stationed in the Israel-Lebanon sector on the Lebanese side of the armistice demarcation line, in accordance with the consensus approved by the members of the Security Council on 19 April 1972, to observe the cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon called for by the Security Council. The present report of the Chief of Staff of UNTSO concerns developments observed and reported by UNTSO observers in this context.

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