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        Security Council
22 June 1967


Upon instruction of my Government I have the honour to draw your attention to the continued acts of aggression committed by the Israeli authorities against Jordanian nationals within the west bank of the Jordan presently occupied by the Israeli armed forces.

As of 7 June 1967, the Israeli authorities occupied the town of Qalquiliah, evacuated its inhabitants by force and moved them to Nablus Mosque and to the olive groves surrounding that town. Having thus removed them, they commenced to demolish all the houses in the town, which demolition was still in progress as of 20 June.

It is obvious that this is part of a well-calculated plan, which involved several other front-line villages, and which aims at obliterating the demographic structure of the area.

No fewer than 12,000 people of the above-mentioned town are now living in the open air and in olive groves without food, shelter or clothes.

The inhabitants of Qalquiliah beseeched the military governor of Nablus and requested permission to return to their town to secure some of their belongings. Their request was not granted.

Only yesterday five bus loads of the inhabitants of this town were driven into the east bank of the Jordan, thus adding to the 150,000 refugees who have already been forced to leave the occupied territory.

These inhuman and atrocious acts that are being inflicted upon peaceful civilians are part of a deliberate plan to dislodge the population in defiance of the Charter of the United Nations and Security Council resolution 237 (1967) and particularly operative paragraph 1 which calls on the Government of Israel "to ensure the safety, welfare and security of the inhabitants of the areas where military operations have taken place and to facilitate the return of those inhabitants who have fled the sreas since the outbreak of hostilities".

We, therefore, request that Your Excellency, by virtue of your authority under the Charter and operative paragraph 3 of the Security Council resolution referred to above, take appropriate steps on this urgent matter.

I shall also be grateful if this letter be circulated as an official document of the General Assembly and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Muhammed H. EL-FARRA
Permanent Representative

* Also issued under the symbol A/6725.

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