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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: France
5 June 2007

40th anniversary of this six-day war (June 5, 2007)

We are commemorating the 40th anniversary of this six-day war.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as is known, is one of the oldest on earth unfortunately and probably one the most difficult to solve. We are still actuated by the same conviction—that we can obtain a just and lasting peace only by acknowledging the right of the Palestinians to build a viable state while guaranteeing of course to Israel its complete security. We shall continue to work to the end, animated by this conviction.

We have systematically condemned and will continue to condemn the use of terrorism; we have condemned and will continue to condemn the continued Israeli settlements in the Palestinian Territories which are liable to strip of all substance the prospect of these two viable states living side by side in peace and security.

We consider there is a desire for peace on both sides, but confidence-building is needed. The work must be directed now to rebuilding confidence, and we shall be working on this with the international community and the European Union, without of course taking the place of the parties of course but so as to create a favorable climate and ensure no irreversible gestures are made which preempt a final settlement.

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