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        General Assembly
        Security Council

10 July 1997

Fifty-first session Fifty-second year
Agenda item 33

Letter dated 7 July 1997 from the Chargé d'affaires a.i.,
of the Permanent Mission of Lebanon to the United Nations
addressed to the Secretary-General

I have the honour to transmit to you a letter dated 30 June 1997 from His Excellency Mr. Fares Bouez, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Lebanon, on the subject of Lebanese detainees held in Israeli detention camps (see annex).

I have the honour to request that the present letter and its annex be circulated as an official document of the fifty-first session of the General Assembly and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Hicham HAMDAN
Deputy Permanent Representative
Chargé d'affaires, a.i.

Letter dated 30 June 1997 from the Minister for Foreign Affairs
of Lebanon addressed to the Secretary-General

I would like to focus once again on a painful aspect of the continued Israeli occupation of Lebanese territory, in defiance of Security Council resolution 425 (1978).

I am referring to the tragedy of the 200 or so Lebanese in detention camps under Israeli control in south Lebanon and within Israel itself, many of whom have been held since 1984.

No legal charges have been brought against those detainees since their internment commenced. They continue to undergo the most inhumane and unbelievable torture and suffering at the hands of the Israeli occupying force and the militia it controls, in contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949. This Convention, to which Israel is a party, offers protection to civilians living under occupation and proscribes arbitrary detention and torture. Furthermore, many detainees have been refused contact with their parents or with the representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

I wish to appeal to you and, through you, to the competent bodies of the Organization of the United Nations, on the occasion of the remembrance day of the Lebanese detainees observed on 14 July in Lebanon, as well as by thousands of Lebanese and friends of Lebanon throughout the world, to exert your utmost endeavours to bring the ordeal of the detainees and the anguish of their loved ones to an end.

Khiam detention camp must be closed. This shameful episode of Israeli occupation in southern Lebanon must be concluded and the detainees allowed to return to their homes.

The release of a small number of detainees and the parental visits which were conceded by the occupying force are but mere palliatives, which have only served to highlight the appalling conditions of their detention and to make our demands for their release even more pressing in view of the first-hand reports brought back by the released detainees of the horrific conditions of internment in Khiam, and the systematic and barbaric torture practised behind its walls. Medical reports have corroborated the statements in those reports as did earlier medical examinations performed on those detainees who had been released earlier, some of whom died in hospital soon after their release.

The argument put forward by Israel, that the so-called South Lebanese Army militia is responsible for the detention camp of Khiam, is totally refuted and unacceptable and does not exonerate it from responsibility, since Israel is the occupying power in south Lebanon and is, in the final analysis, responsible in international law for acts committed on the territories it occupies. The South Lebanese Army militia is but a tool of the Israeli occupying force and would not exist without its support.

In view of the above, the Government of Lebanon, the Lebanese detainees, the heirs of the detainees who died in internment and those who disappeared or are still missing or unaccounted for invoke their right to claim damages and indemnities, and to take legal action against the Government of Israel, its military officers and agents for their internment, torture and suffering.

I am enclosing for your attention an up-to-date list of names of Lebanese still in Israeli prisons or interned in detention camps under Israeli occupation (see appendix), which was provided by the Follow-Up Committee for the support of the Lebanese detainees in Israeli prisons.

I take this opportunity to reiterate to you our thanks for all the efforts of the United Nations to obtain the release of the Lebanese detainees, and invite you to exert new efforts on their behalf.

(Signed) Fares BOUEZ
Minister for Foreign Affairs

List of Lebanese hostages in Khiam Concentration
Camp and in Israeli prisons
Askalan (Ashkelon)

A. Partial list of hostages in Khiam Concentration Camp

Date of
Name Town Profession Detention Health condition

1-Souha Beshara Deir Mimas 7/11/88
2-Mahmoud Khashish Khiam 1/10/85 Weak Vision
3-Jihad Awada Khiam 1/10/85 Allergic
4-Hassan Awada Khiam 3/88 Stomach Pain
5-Ali Ahmad Qashaur Khiam 27/9/93
6-Hussain Moukashar Beit Yahoun Laborer 9/1990
7-Abdel Amir Khakish Khiam 27/9/93
8-Adel Kalakesh Debbine Laborer 1993
9-Riad Kalakesh Debbine 1986
10-Nimr Al-Ghaddaf Debbine 1993
11-Moufid Abboud Houla Laborer 1988
12-Nagib Abboud Houla Soldier 25/3/93 Allergic
13-Nazih Moustafa Houla Student 3/10/92 Weak Vision
14-Samer Hijazi Houla Student 18/3/94
15-Ziad Ghanouni Houla Student 3/1994
16-Hassan Moussa Hussain Houla 3/1992
17-Abdel Rahman Abboud Houla Student 10/8/1994
18-Hussain Awad Awad Houla 10/2/94
19-Issam Awada Naquora 2/2/94
20-Hassan Awada Naquora 2/3/94
21-So'oud Abou Hadleh Yarin Laborer 29/3/89 Injured
22-Nehmeh Dakdouk Ita Al-Shaab Laborer 6/92
23-Moussa Nimr Moustafa Ramieh Laborer 1986
24-Taissir Shaaban Beit Yahoun Laborer 10/91 Allergic
25-Ali Fou'ani Kounin Laborer 9/92 Weak Vision
26-Abdel Gharib Beidoun Bint Jbail 7/86
27-Ali Ghazi Alsaghir Bint Jbail Laborer 11/85
28-Jaafar Harish Bint Jbail Student 15/9/85 Blood Allergy
29-Abdel Karim Hmaid Bint Jbail Student 7/85
30-Nasser Abou Eleiwa Bint Jbail Laborer 7/85
31-Nehmeh Youssef Bazzi Bint Jbail Laborer 1985 Sick
32-Akram Ali Eleiwa Maroun Al-Rass Student 15/9/85 Disk
33-Mohammed Taleb Hejazi Ayteroun Laborer 15/12/95
34-Ali Hamadeh Aytaroun Student Stomach Pain
35-Kamal Hamadi Aytaroun Laborer 3/92
36-Hassan Deeb Hammoud Maiss Al-Jaal 1/9/86
37-Lafi Al-Masri Maiss Al-Jabal Artisan 1/89 Nervous System
38-Abbass Kabalan Maiss Al-Jabal Student 5/9/87 Injured
39-Sharif Atwi Markaba Carpenter 8/86 Weak Vision
40-Hajar Zaraket Markaba Driver 6/86
41-Ali Hijazi Debbine Laborer 21/8/89
42-Youssef Termess Tallousa 20/8/89 Lost one leg
43-Amin Termess Tallousa 5/8/88 Stomach Pain
44-Moujib Termess Tallousa 5/8/88 Sick
45-Raja'i Abou Haimen Hibbarieh 9/90 Sick
46-Fadi Ahmed Ali Hibbarieh Laborer
47-Nazih Abou Quaiss Hibbarieb Student 3/93
48-Mohammed Hammoud Hibbarieh Student 3/93
49-Mahmoud Mzannar Kfar Kela Student 1991
50-Samir Quassem Yohmor Student 4/88 Lost one Eye
51-Moustafa Arabieh Sarafand Laborer 1991
52-Houssain Mortada Hermel Laborer 10/90 Weak Vision
53-Zaid Barakat Shwaya 1993
54-Hamir Hamadi Nabatieh 10/85 Stomach Pain
55-Ghassan Moussa Daher Sheb'a Student 12/87
56-Zouhair Daher Sheb'a 20/1/91
57-Ali Abdallah Hazimeh Sarbin Laborer 2/86
58-Mohammad Ali Hazimeh Sarbin Student 10/85 Weak Vision
59-Ali Abdallah Hazimeh Kfar Hamam Laborer 2/86 Back Pain
60-Wasfi Taher Houla Soldier 19/3/92
61-Afif Hammoud Kfar Hamamm Laborer 5/88
62-Abdul Halim Yassin Majdal Silm Laborer 9/85
63-Suleiman Ramadan Baalbeck Laborer 7/1/86 Lost one Leg
64 Ammar Youness Houla 7/94
65-Izzat Yassin Houla 8/94
66-Hussain Ali Youness Houla 7/94
67-Jaafar Deeb Blat Student 12/91
68-Mohammed Nayef Kfar Kela 4/94
69-Hussain Hammoud Debbine 1/2/93
70-Jawdat Ismail Kounin Driver 1991 Stomach Pain
71-Moussa Akashah Yarin Soldier 4/89
72-Na'man Nasrallah Ibl Al-Saki Student 9/89
73-Mohammad Khraiss Khiam Laborer 2/88
74-Abbas Hijazi Aytaroun Soldier 6/92
75-Ahmad Abdul-Hassan Hassan Debbine 8/93
76-Moussa Tarraf Debbine Plasterer 27/93
77-Tarek Quansou Kfar Roumman Studeny 6/11/91
78-Moussa Mazra'ani Houla Laborer 10/93
79-Ali Mohammed Ali Aita Al-Sha'b 11/93
80-Ali Daher Debbine 7/6/94
81-Mohammed Qutaish Houla 14/9/95
82-Yassir Awada Houla 14/9/95
83-Mohammed Khalil Terness Talloussa 23/1/95
84-Ali Moustafa Nab'a Sheb'a 1995
85-Mahmoud Jaffal Rshaf 21/3/95
86-Abdul Hamid Yehia Rshaf 14/11/95
87-Ali Hussain Quazan Al-Taibeh 1/95
88-Ali Ibrahim Hussain Aita Al-Sha'b 10/94
89-Moustafa Moustafa Houla 9/94
90-Hussain Moubarak Markaba 7/93
91-Ali Ibrahim Hammoud Kfar Kela 1/95
92-Samih Al-Attar Rshaf 2/95
93-Omar Suleiman Al-Ahmad Al-Wazzani 1987
94-Ali Salman Rammal 'Edaisseh 9/95
95-Adham Rammal 'Edaisseh 9/95
96-Ghassan Abdul Hassan Tarraf Debbine 7/95
97-Saleh Salman Rammal 'Edaisseh 9/95
98-Mohammad Mahmoud
Al-Shartouni Maiss Al-Jabal 7/8/95
99-Mohammad Fakih Khiam 9/95
100-Moustafa Mohammad
Sadakah Khiam 1996
101-Hassan Ahmad Amin 'Edaisseh 7/1/96
102-Ali Ibrahim Quassem Houla 19/1/96
103-Ahmad Wanseh Debbine 13/6/96
104-Ahmad Deeb Debbine 2/96
105-Hamzeh Ayash Debbine 2/96
106-Hussain Ibrahim Abdallah Khiam 13/8/96
107-Hussain Mohammad Daher Debbine 20/8/96
108-Hassan Daher Debbine 22/8/96
109-Ali Mohammed Kalakesh Blat 22/8/96
110-Shawki Jaber Bint Jbail 27/8/96
111-Youssef Mohammad Said
Bazzi Bint Jbail 27/8/96
112-Hussain Jaafar Akil Al-Jebbain 15/9/96
113-Ahmad Hassan Al-Amin Khiam 9/96
114-Sami Mahmoud Harb Bint Jbail 9/96
115-Husssain Mohammad
Abou Abbas Khiam 11/96
116-Ali Mohammad Hasssn
Barakat Rab Thalathin 7/96
117-Maher Ghanem Naji Rashia Al-Wadi 6/96
118-Ghanem Mer'i Naji Rashia Al-Wadi 6/96
119-Mohammad Ibrahim
Quassem Al-Rihan 6/96
120-Mohammad Quassem Army
Al-Sha'ar Hibbarieh Officer 4/1/1996
121-Mahmoud Al-'Abd Sourour Tayr Harfa 6/96
122-Hussain Nasrallah Khiam 5/96
123-Boutrous Rhaiem Jezzine 26/11/96
124-Moussa Ataya Tayr Harfah (Brazilian 11/96
125-Radwan Ataya Tayr Harfah (Brazilian 11/96
126-Mahmout Sa'd Tayr Harfah 25/11/96
127-Hanan Hussain Muaissi 'Edaisseh 19/7/96
128-Mounifeh Abdul Hussai
Yehya Al-Taibeh 8/96
129-Hanan Karim Deir Yassin 12/12/96
130-Ghenwa Loubani Deir Yassin 26/12/96
131-Mahmoud Hassain Barakat Rab Thalathin 7/96
132-Bilal Afif Al-Qassem Yarin 7/96
133-Salem Abou Naja Shwaia 1/12/96
134-Ahmad Barakat
(15 years old) Rab Thalathin 7/96
135-Ali Ghanwi Houla 1995
136-Ali Ghrayeb Tayr Harfa Student 7/9/92

B. Hostaqes in Ashkelon Prison

Date of Length of
Name Town Detention Term Note

1-Anwar Mohammad Yassin Al-Dalaqua 16/9/87 30 years Glantitis
2-Kayed Mohammad Bandar Deir Kifa 10/9/87 20 years Injured
3-Abdel Karim Al-Ali Tripo1i 29/9/87 15 years
4-Ali Quassem Hamdoun Faroun 10/9/87 15 years Injured
5-Ahmad Sami Ismail Zawrar Al- 10/9/87 17 years Rheumatism
6-Nabih Awata Aytaroun 10/9/87 20 years Rheumatism
7-Mohammad Ali Al-Barzawi Baalbeck 5/12/87 18 years
8-Moustafa Abdul Karim Markaba 20/10/88
9-Hussain Mohammad Ankouni Mashghara 1987 18 years
10-Ali Hassan Balhas Saddiquine 5/10/92 Life Injured
11-Mohammad Ali Badir Al-Nmairieh 13/6/91 10 years
12-Youssef Abd Wazni Tebnine 15/12/88 25 years
13-Jawad Quasfi Al-Soultani 15/12/88 Life
14-Fadi Jazzar Beirut 1990 20 years
15-Quasse, Quamas Quabrikha 21/2/86 13 years
16-Mahmout Hammoud Yarin 1/7/93

C. Hostaqes still-under administrative detention
in Alon Prison who finished their sentences

Date of Length of
Name Town Detention Term Note

1-Bilal Abdul Hussain Administrative
Dakroub Tebnine 17/2/86 2.5 years Extension

2-Mohammad Abdul Hadi Administrative
Yassin Majdal Silm 21/2/86 9 years Extension

3-Ali Hassan Ammar Maiss Al-Jabal 1/9/86 4 years Administrative

4-Ahmad Mohsen Ammar Maiss Al-Jabal 1/9/86 4 years Administrative

5-Kamal Mohammad Rizk Maiss Al-Jabal 31/8/86 3 years Administrative

6-Hassan Hijazi Maiss Al-Jabal 1/9/86 3 years Administrative

7-Abdul Hassan Hassan Administrative
Sourour Aita Al-Sha'b 15/4/87 3 years Extension

8-Abbas Hassan Sourour Aita Al-Sha'b 15/4/87 3 years Administrative

9-Ahmad Hassan Sourour Aita Al-Sha'b 15/4/87 3 years Administrative

10-Youssef Ya'qoub Sourour Aita Al-Sha'b 15/4/87 3 years Administrative

11-Hussain Fahd Dakdouk Aita Al-Sha'b 15/4/87 1.5 years Administrative

12-Ahmad Hikmat Oubaid Jebsheet 28/7/89 No Trial

13-Hashem Ahmad Fahs Jebsheet 28/7/89 No Trial

14-Quassem Fares Nahleh 15/7/93 No Trial

D. Lebanese citizens turned in by the "Lebanese forces" to
Israel in 1990 and currently held hostage in the
Alon Prison without trial

Name Town Date of Detenion Length of Term

1-Ghassan Fares Al-Dirani Quasr Bana May 1990 No Trial

2-Hassan Mohammad Tlaiss Brital May 1990 No Trial

3-Ahmad Mohammad Taleb 'Edeisseh May 1990 No Trial

4-Ahmad Bahij Jalloul Bourj Al-Barajneh May 1990 No Trial

5-Hussain Bahij Ahmad Ghbeiri May 1990 No Trial

6-Hussain Ahmad Rmaiti Al-Majadel May 1990 No Trial

E. Four younq men held in the Kfaryouna Prison and accused of
"collaborating" with the Lebanese State

Name Town Date of Detention Length of Term

1-Ramzi Nouhra Qulai'a 22/2/96 No Trial

2-Maher Touma Qulai'a 22/2/96 No Trial

3-Bassam Al-Hasbani Qulai'a 22/2/96 No Trial

4-Salim Salameh Qulai'a 22/2/96 No Trial

F. Hostaqes held in the Sarafand, Nafha, Al-Jelmeh, Shatta
and Nablus Prisons

Date of Length
Name Town Detention Prison of Term ______________________________________________________________________________________

1-Sheikh Abdul Karim Oubaid Jibsheet 28/7/89 Sarafand No Trial
2-Moustafa Al-Dirani Quasr Bana 20/5/94 Sarafand No Trial
3-Asef Moustafa Haidar Tripoli Al-Jelmeh
4-Moussa Hassan Al-Zain Shoukin Shatta
5-Samir Al-Quontar 'Ebeih 4/1989 Nafha 4 Life Sentences
6-Abdul Majit Zaltouni Deir Kifa 5/3/93 Not Known Life
7-Adel Bahij Termes Tallouseh 21/2/86 Nafha 25 years
8-Ismail Mahmoud Al-Zain Quabrikha 16/6/87 Nafha 13 years
9-Khalil Ja'arah Not Known
10-Hussan Mohammad Al-Mokdad Faroun 12/4/96
11-Ali Ahmad Naim Banjak Al-Sh'aitieh l5/8/96 Al-Jelmeh
12-Nazih Zain Eddine Ain Quanya 11/96 Al-Jelmeh
13-Wajih Zain Eddine Ain Quanya 11/96 Al-Jelmeh


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