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17 October 1950

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Held in New York on 17 October 1950 at 10 a.m.

Mr. Tavfik Rustu Aras (Turkey)Chairman
Mr. Claude de Boisanger (France)
*Mr. James Barco (United States of America)
Mr. Pablo de AzcaratePrincipal Secretary
* Alternate

1. Letter to the Chairman from the Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General concerning the proposed committee of experts on compensation

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY read a letter which had been received by the Chairman from the Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General, in reply to the Chairman’s letter of 9 October transmitting the terms of reference of the proposed Committee of experts on compensation.

Mr. de BOISANGER (France), referring to the statement in this letter that it might take some time before the properly qualified candidates could tale up their functions, said it did not appear that any steps had yet been taken by the Secretary-General’s office to find suitable members of this committee.

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY explained that it was expected that the economist and the legal expert would be appointed without much delay. The third member of the committee — the expert on Palestine land and property questions — might be more difficult to find.

It was agreed that, the United Kingdom delegation might be requested to assist in the choice of the third member by providing the names of some qualified experts.

2. Consideration of the Supplementary Report to the Secretary-General 4th Draft

As the members had amendments to the fourth draft, the Chairman suggested that they indicate them briefly at the present meeting, following which the General Committee would meet to prepare a new draft.

Mr. BARCO (United States) had one or two minor drafting changes to suggest on the first page of the fourth draft. Referring to the second sentence of the second paragraph, he did not think the Commission would wish to indicate dissatisfaction with the way the Armistice Agreements were working, and suggested that the wording of this sentence be changed accordingly.

With regard to the reference in the draft to the desirability of normal relations being established between the parties, Mr. Barco said that his delegation did not think it would be appropriate for the Commission to mention any specific aspects of this question, such as the establishment of economic relations, against which the Arabs might take up a position.

Mr. Barco was in favour of reinstating, in some form or other, sub-paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) which had figured in the previous drafts. He would like to suggest mentioning a further factor in this connection: that Israel was uneasy concerning her security, in view of the fact that she was surrounded by hostile states.

In connection with the passages of the draft relating to refugees, Mr. Barco felt that the Commission should stress that it was important that this problem be solved, not only for the sake of the refugees themselves but also because its continuance created difficulties for the countries where the refugees were now living.

He also suggested that more stress should be laid on the question of compensation,

Finally, Mr. Barco pointed out that it was, in fact, an obligation for the parties as members of the United Nations, to negotiate with a view to arriving at a peaceful settlement of outstanding questions. He suggested incorporating this idea in the final paragraph of the draft.

Mr. de BOISANGER (France) was in agreement with most of Mr. Barco’s suggestions.

With regard to the reinstatement of sub-paragraphs (a), (b) and. (a) .from the earlier drafts, Mr. de Boisanger thought this question was primarily one of drafting. If the General Committee were able to express these ideas in a way which would not be unacceptable to the Arab and Israeli delegations he would be in agreement; however, he felt that this would be difficult to accomplish.

As regards refugees, he agreed that more stress should be laid on the plight of the refugees and on the need for taking immediate measures to alleviate it.

The CHAIRMAN requested the General Committee to meet as soon as possible to prepare a fresh draft of the Supplementary Report, taking into account the views expressed above.

It was agreed that the Commission would approve a final draft of the Report before Mr. Palmer’s arrival. If he were in agreement with this draft, the Report could then be transmitted to the Secretary-General on 23 October.

3. Commission’s visit to Washington

Mr. BARCO (United States) stated that arrangements had been made for the Commission’s visit to Washington on 25 and 26 October.

4. Telegram received from Mr. Servoise, Jerusalem

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY read a telegram which had been received from the Commission’s economic adviser. In this telegram Mr. Servoise gave details of the career and experience of a former officer of the Department of Land Settlement (Registration & Taxation) of the former Mandatory Government of Palestine, Mr. Sami Hadawi, and suggested that the Commission might wish to ask Mr. Hadawi to prepare a report on the technical aspects of a general survey of Arab property.

The Commission decided that, while such a report would undoubtedly be of value to the committee of experts on compensation, it would be preferable to leave the question of requesting this report to the committee itself when it started work. The Principal Secretary was requested to inform Mr. Servoise accordingly.

The meeting rose at 11:30 a.m.

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