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        Security Council
14 November 1977


Further report on the status of the cease-fire

in the Israel-Lebanon sector

The Chief of Staff of UNTSO, Major-General E. A. Erskine, has submitted the following special report concerning developments in the Israel-Lebanon sector from 10 to 13 November 1977 inclusive:

1. Ground and air violations of the armistice demarcation line (ADL) between Israel and Lebano" continued to occur during the reporting period, but to a lesser degree and intensity than that reported in the last special report (S/ll663/Add.47).

2. OP Ras (AMR 1920-2785) 1/ observers heard what appeared to be five mortar rounds fired by de facto forces from the vicinity of Bent Jbail in southern Lebanon (AMR 1908-2805). The rounds were observed impacting in the vicinity of Yiron in Israel (AMR 1923-2757) from 0522 to 0535 GMT. Shortly thereafter, from 0602 to 0655 GMT, Israel forces were observed firing 30 mortar and artillery rounds, all impacting in the vicinity of Bent Jbail.

3. OPS Lab (AMR 1643-2772) and Hin (AMR 1770-2790) and the Naqoura Outstation (AMR 1629-2805) observed eight Israel forces jet aircraft (Phantoms and Mirages) flying at medium altitude and penetrating Lebanese airspace at 1258 GMT on 11 November. The aircraft were observed flying north towards the vicinity of Tyre (AMR 1690-2970) and then remained in this general area for over an hour. The aircraft departed Lebanese airspace at 1438 GMT. Observers were unable to carry out direct observation of the activity of the aircraft near Tyre because of the heavy cloud cover in that area.

4. Additionally, OP Ras reported four crossings of the ADL by Israel forces or civilians on 10, 11 and 13 November in the area of AMR 1955-2775, about two miles south of Ataroun (maximum penetration hOO metres each day). The violations involved a working party consisting of one bulldozer, one jeep and one civilian car. Owing to the observation distance involved and the continuing lack of freedom of movement (see S/ll663/Add.46, para, l), observers are unable to determine the exact nature of the work carried out by the Israeli personnel. Additionally, three reconnaissance overflights by Israel forces jet aircraft were observed on 13 November.


1/ AMR - approximate map reference.

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