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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: League of Arab States
27 April 2004

Secretary General's Statements following Meeting with Palestinian Prime Minister (27-4-2004)

Secretary General Amre Moussa of the Arab League stressed that there is no factual Israeli partner so far to achieve peace.

In press statements he made to the journalists following his meeting with PM Ahmad Qurei of Palestine, over whether the Arab League should maintain dialogue with the US to remedy the situation after the US guarantees to Israel, Moussa said all parties should start a dialogue in this framework as the situation has reached a state of serious setback, a matter that requires a collective Arab consolidated action in order to remedy the situation. He also stressed the importance of utilizing the Arab collective action in this framework during the present time in order to best prepare for the upcoming summit.

In his reply to a question over whether the future holds another Arab alternative for peace in view of the absence of an impartial mediator, Moussa pointed out the importance of a collective Arab stance. He said there are frames within which achievement of peace should be tackled and dealt with. Moussa further said there is nothing called "old" or "new" order, and that those whom are described as disciples of the new order should develop a future vision into the twenty first century and -to prove advancement- should give up half of the Palestinian territories, which is an unreasonable explanation of advancement.

The real contemporary thinking is to terminate wars and conflicts to enter a new phase of peace for the best interest of all, as it isn't of a contemporary thinking to give up 20 percent of the territories of Palestine, Moussa said.

As regards linking the Palestinian cause to the issue of reform in the Arab world, Secretary General Moussa stressed that linking both issues is inapplicable. In this concern, he pointed out that commitment to the Palestinian cause must continue in parallel to the endeavors of reform and advancement. He further stressed that no Palestinian rights will be given up, as no one can offer such relinquishment. Moussa also pointed out that reform actions in the Arab states have not just started, and that they can not achieve success unless they originate from the Arab communities and cover the entire Arab world.

Over the alternatives concerning the issue of providing international protection to the Palestinian people in view of the Israeli practices, Moussa said there is no alternative other than the Security Council and the UN. He further pointed out that resorting to the Security Council is necessary even if the Vito is used.

Moussa stressed that the Arab endeavors to protect the Palestinians and maintain the peace process after the latest developments are a matter of commitment by all. He referred to the upcoming meeting of the international quadripartite committee which will take place next May 4th as a first step in this regard.

Moussa also reiterated that the strength of the Arab World lies in its consolidation and capacity to adopt a clear unanimous stance when inconveniences emerge.

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