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Source: Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
7 October 2003

OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes No. 21

Humanitarian Update for oPt (01-07 October 2003)

Palestinians: 8 deaths
39 injured
Israelis: 19 deaths
61 injured
(Source: PRCS, Israeli MoFA & IDF web sites, UNRWA sitrep, OCHA field units)

Incidents involving ambulances and medical teams
Denial of access: 5 incidents
Delay up to 90 mins: 2 cases
Attack/abuse of ambulances and staff: 1 incident
Shooting at ambulance: 1 incident
Detention of ambulance staff: 0
(Source: MoH, PRCS,)

The IDF closure of the West Bank continued and was reinforced after the Haifa bombing on 04 October and during the Yum Kippur holiday. Curfews were reported in the following locations: Shuqba (4 days), Kafr Malik (4 days), ‘Abud (3 days), Jenin town and refugee camp (3 days), Qalqiliya (3 days), Kharbatha Bani Harith (1 day), Madama (1 day), 'Asira al Qibliya (1 day), Al 'Auja (1 day) and 'Ajja (1 day).

House demolitions
Demolished: 24
Partially demolished: 12
Other property: 5 farm buildings (4 in Khabrathla Bani Harith, and 1 in Mughayir)

Demolition orders

Land levelling/confiscation

West Bank
02 October: (Hebron) a new road was opened between the settlement of Harsina and route 60. The new road enables settlers to reach Palestinian land confiscated almost a year ago.
05 October: (Hebron), a road was opened from Har Sansana to a hill to the east of the settlement: 100 dunums of land appear to have been confiscated on the site with is now being prepared for new buildings.


Checkpoints/roadblocks/Separation Wall/restrictions on movement

- Tulkarm/Qalqiliya governorates:
All checkpoints were reported closed for the local population in both districts from 5-7 October on the occasion of the Yom Kippur holiday. Only ambulances with emergency cases, humanitarian aid vehicles and Internationals have been allowed through. Qalqilya checkpoint was open, however with more restricted procedures for those who do not hold special ID (e.g. teachers, officials, medical staff, etc.). The back-to-back systems at Taybeh checkpoint in Tulkarem and in Qalqilya have been operational during the Yom Kippur for food only with necessary prior co-coordination with DCL. Transport of non-essential supplies have not been allowed through.

All agricultural gates in both Tulkarem and Qalqilya districts have been closed between 5-7 October in conjunction with the Yom Kippur holiday. This has in particular affected the local farmers who have not been able to access their field in conjunction with the olive harvest. In general, the agricultural gates continue to cause major complications for the local population when trying to reach their agricultural land in both Tulkarem and Qalqilya districts with only limited and irregular opening hours during the days.
No extended opening hours in connection with the olive harvest have been observed.

- Nablus/Jenin governorates:

Bethlehem/Hebron governorates:
The general hardship endured by Palestinian wishing to travel was increased during the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur (dusk to dusk between 5 – 6 October) when no Palestinians were allowed through checkpoints. Passage was only permitted to ambulances and humanitarian organizations.

Gaza crossings/checkpoints
Erez: closed 05-07 October.
Karni: closed on 06 October
Sufa: closed 04-07 October
Netzarim junction roadblock: closed all week
Abu Houli junction: 01-04 October closed at night between 20:00-03:00, and completely closed 05-07 October
Abu Al-Ajin road: closed

Access to Schools:
5-7 October: 55 students Gbara in Tulkarem district have not been able to attend their classes in Ar Ras, Kafr Sur and Kafr Sibad. This closure has also affected the teachers who mainly travel from Tulkarem to Baqa Ash Sharqiya and Nazlat Isa.
UNRWA reported continuous disruption in teachers access to schools in different districts due to closure and curfew.

Labour movement into Israel

West Bank:
The 650 work permits that were issued last week were suspended from 3-7 October because of the Yom Kippur holiday. According to DCL Liaison Office in Tulkarem/Qalqiliay, following the suicide bomb in Haifa 04 October, the work permists are now suspended indefinitely.


Other incidents

Qalqiliya/Tulkarm governorates:
02 October: around 15:00, the IDF Special Forces entered the Tulkarem refugee camp driving under cover in a truck loaded with vegetables. Supported by four jeeps and two tanks, the IDF shot and killed one member of Al Aqsa Martyrs. During the operation a 10-year old girl was killed.
04 October: villagers of Ramin village reported about a shooting from the Israeli Settlement Enav.

Nablus/Jenin governorates
02 October: an IDF patrol was fired at near the Rujeib junction, southern part of Nablus city. After the incidents the IDF blew up a car, and levelled some olive trees in the area.
05-07 October: Daily clashes occurred between IDF and school children in Salim village.
In preparation of the olive harvest, Nablus governorate has established contact with IDF in order to prevent friction between settlers and farmers. Villages close to settlement with olive groves are distributed into five groups each will be given a different harvest period lasting four days.
Jenin City was under curfew for most of the period, which saw numerous incursions and arrest campaigns. IDF demolished the house for the family of the Haifa suicide bomber.

Bethlehem/Hebron governorate
02 October: (Hebron) Negohot settlement , settlers began converting temporary caravans into houses.

Continuous incursions into the central and southern parts of Gaza were occurred during the last week.

01 October: the IDF incursion in Rafah refugee camp let 18 houses totally demolished and 4 partially demolished. Two people were injured; one with gun-shots wounds in the head.
05 October: Two ground attacks by Israeli helicopters took place in Gaza City and al Bureij refugee camp against homes of alleged Islamic Jihad and Hamas activists. Both homes were empty, no injuries were reported.
06 October: One mortar shell was launched towards the Israeli settlement of Rafiah Yam, one soldier was injured.
07 October: Israeli bulldozers dug three trenches in the Beach road south of Gaza city. Two sand barriers had been erected on 05 October and these remain, with an additional smaller trench between the two original ones.


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