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        Security Council
26 May 1975



The Chief of Staff of UNTSO has submitted the following special report on developments in the Israel-Lebanon sector on 24 and 25 May 1975.

1. Increased ground and air activity was reported in the area of the village of Aita Ech Chaab (AMR l8l5-2780) 1/ on 24 and 25 May 1975.

2. OP HIN (AMR 1770-2790) reported Israel forces jet aircraft circled the area (a. total of 84 overflights) between O414 and 0800 hours GMT on 25 May.

3. On the same day an UNTSO mobile patrol reported an Israel force entered Lebanese territory in the village of Aita Ech Chaab at 0743 hours GMT and departed at 1237 hours GMT.

4. An UNTSO mobile patrol reported an exchange of fire involving artillery and mortar at 0830 hours GMT. At 0925 hours GMT the Chief of Staff of UNTSO proposed a cease-fire to both parties. The proposal was accepted and the cease fire came into effect at 0940 hours GMT.

5. A complaint was received from the Lebanese authorities stating that on the night of 24 to 25 May 1975 an Israel force attacked a Lebanese outpost at Aita Ech Chaab, killing seven soldiers. At the request of the Lebanese authorities, the Chief of Staff of UNTSO authorized an inquiry into the complaint to be conducted by United Nations military observers. The conduct and findings of the inquiry are outlined below:

(a) The inquiry took place on 25 May from 1310 to 1830 hours GMT. A representative of the senior Lebanese delegate to the Israel-Lebanon Mixed Armistice Commission accompanied the inquiry team. The military observers interviewed witnesses in the area and examined the evidence presented to them.

(b) A witness stated that he was a member of an eight-member Lebanese army detachment at Aita Ech Chaab. He was sleeping in a small hut separate from the other seven soldiers and was awakened at 2230 hours GMT on 24 May by small-arms fire. He grabbed his rifle, left the hut, and saw approximately 25 Israel forces soldiers. He also stated he waw the Lebanese sentry lying dead on the steps to the main building and that a Lebanese soldier outside the building had his hands in the air when he was shot by the Israel forces soldiers. The witness further stated that he shot one of the Israeli soldiers and then escaped. Two other witnesses in the area stated that they were sleeping approximately 30 metres from the Lebanese army post when they were awakened at 2230 hours GMT and saw approximately 30 Israel forces soldiers shooting in the are. They also reported hearing grenade explosions.

(c) The military observers saw at the Lebanese army post on the edge of Aita Ech Chaab, one house recently damaged, containing four dead Lebanese soldiers, one tent, destroyed, containing two dead Lebanese soldiers and one dead Lebanese soldier on the stairway to the house. Small-arms fire or shrapnel wounds were observed on all dead bodies. The bodies in the damaged house were lying face down on bunks. The military observers also saw mattresses burning, bed frames damaged by explosion and pieces of shrapnel in the area.

(d) Based on the results of the inquiry, the complaint is confirmed.



1/ AMR - approximate map reference.

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