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        General Assembly
13 October 1999

Original: English

Fifty-fourth session
Agenda item 79
The risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East

The risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East

Report of the Secretary-General

1. At its fifty-third session, the General Assembly adopted resolution 53/80 of 4 December 1998, entitled "The risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East", in which the Assembly:

2. The present report is being submitted pursuant to paragraph 2 of the above resolution. Apart from the material forwarded by the International Atomic Energy Agency (see annex), the Secretary-General has not received any additional information since the submission of his last report on the subject (A/53/457) to the General Assembly at its fifty-third session.


Application of International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards in the Middle East

Resolution GC(43)/RES/23 adopted by the General Conference of the
International Atomic Energy Agency at its 10th plenary meeting, on 1 October 1999

The General Conference,

(a) Recognizing the importance of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, both globally and regionally, in enhancing international peace and security,

(b) Mindful of the usefulness of the Agency's safeguards system as a reliable means of verification of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy,

(c) Concerned by the grave consequences, endangering peace and security, of the presence in the Middle East region of nuclear activities not wholly devoted to peaceful purposes,

(d) Welcoming the initiatives regarding the establishment of a zone free of all weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, in the Middle East and recent initiatives regarding arms control in the region,

(e) Recognizing that the full realization of these objectives would be promoted by participation of all States of the region,

(f) Commending the efforts of the Agency concerning the application of safeguards in the Middle East and the positive response of some States in concluding a full-scope safeguards agreement, and

(g) Recalling its resolution GC(42)/RES/21,


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