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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: Office of the Quartet Representative (OQR)
13 May 2008

Towards a Palestinian State

Israel and the PA are working to reach a viable lasting peace agreement with the aim of establishing a Palestinian State that will reside peacefully alongside the state of Israel. The Quartet supports these efforts and is encouraged by the ongoing negotiations between the parties. In this framework, I have received the support of the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority in promoting a package designed to allow greater movement of people and goods, helping the Palestinian economy grow, and its people achieve increased prosperity, in a way consistent with protecting fully the security of Israel and its people.

For Palestinian statehood to be possible in the eyes of Palestinians there must be hope that the occupation will, over time, be lifted. For Palestinian statehood to be possible in the eyes of Israelis there must be hope, over time, that the security of Israel will be improved and not harmed by the way Palestinians run their territory.

I stress the following package is only a start. Of course, much more needs to be and will be done. But it has four elements to it that represent four aspects to creating a Palestinian state:

· Economic and social development
· Lifting Access and Movement restrictions
· Developing Area C, which is 60% of the West Bank, on a case by case basis
· Proper security capability and performance by the Palestinians

All of these aspects then come together in a package specifically set around Jenin in the North of the West Bank, which will, in effect, be an economic and security zone. Should that package work, it can be extended to other parts of the territory. But it will require both sides to fulfil their obligations. It is also clear that in order to achieve economic progress the issue of security should be duly addressed and there is still a lot to be done on the Palestinian side to achieve this goal. With that notion in mind, I shall further elaborate on the following measures:

1. Economic and social development

The following projects have now been cleared for work to begin:

· Jenin Industrial Park · Tarqumiya Industrial Park · Wataniya Telephony Licence · Bethlehem Tourism · Allenby Bridge · Jericho agro-industrial project · Water/sanitation projects
I. Projects agreed on the West Bank: II. Gaza WATSAN · Entry permits to Israel · Housing projects 2. Access and Movement 3. Area C 4. Jenin Area Security Access and movement Economic and social development
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