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3 November 1947
Department of Public Information
Press and Publications Bureau
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Ad Hoc Committee On The Palestinian Question
Subcommittee 1
12th Meeting
Press Release GA/PAL/46
3 November 1947

Convening in private under the Chairmanship Of Mr. Ksawery Pruszynski (Poland, Sub-Committee 1 of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question this morning heard a statement from Mr. Semen K. Tsarapkin (USSR) on implementation of the General Assembly's recommendations on Palestine.

Mr. Tsarapkin began by explaining why he disagreed, with the proposals submitted last Friday by the United States delegation, and why, in his opinion, these proposals could not serve as a basis for implementation of the recommendations of the General Assembly.

The United States proposal, said Mr. Tsarapkin, suggested that the Arab and Jewish States become independent immediately on termination of the Mandate. But, in any case, he added, a certain transitional period will be necessary to prepare for the changes in the structure of Palestine.

Furthermore, said Mr. Tsarapkin, it is of the utmost importance to determine by whom, when and how these changes will be carried out.

The United Kingdom, be said, cannot undertake the task as it had failed in its Mandate which has become impracticable. On the other hand, he said, Mr. Arthur Creech-Jones, the United Kingdom delegate, had declared that his Government was prepared to help implement only a solution acceptable both to the Arabs and the Jews.

It is therefore necessary, said Mr. Tsarapkin, to have an alternative authority to implement the recommendations of the General Assembly. The United Nations Commission, he added, as proposed by the United States delegation, had only advisory capacity and would therefore be powerless.

Mr. Tsarapkin then went on to outline his Delegation'a proposals as follows:

1. The British Mandate to be abrogated as from January 1, 1948.

2. The British troops to be withdrawn from Palestine within the shortest time possible, but not later than within 3-4 months after the abrogation of the Mandate.

3. From the termination of the Mandate and up to the proclamation of the independence of the Jewish and Arab Stages a transitional period to be established In Palestine which should be as short as possible - not longer than a year from the abrogation of the Mandate.

4. The administration of Palestine during the transitional period after the abrogation of the Mandate to be assumed by the UNO in the person of the Security Council which shall exercise the administration of Palestine through a Special Commission composed of the representatives of tho Member-States of the Security Council, the seat of this Commission being in Palestine.

5. On its arrival in Palestine the Special Commission shall proceed to carrying out measures for the establishment of the frontiers of the Jewish and Arab States in accordance with the decision of the General Assembly on the division of Palestine.

6. The Special Commission after consultation with the democratic parties and social organisations of the Jewish and Arab States shall elect in both States Provisional Council of Government. The activities both of the Arab and Jewish Provisional Councils of Government shall be carried out under the general direction of the Special Commission .

7. The Provisional Council of Government of both States not later than within 6 months after its formation shall hold elections to the Constituent Assembly on democratic lines. The election regulations in both States to be elaborated by the Provisional Council of Government and to be approved, by the Special Commission of the Security Council.

8. The Constituent Assembly of each State shall work out a democratic Constitution of its State and elect a Government.

9. Provisional Council of Government of both the Jewish and Arab States after its formation shall proceed under the supervision of the Special Commission to the establishment of administrative organs of government, central and local.

10. The Provisional Councils of Government of the two States shall within the shortest time possible form an armed Militia from among the citizens of their States sufficient in number to maintain internal order and to prevent frontier clashes. This armed Militia in both States shall in its operative respect be under command of ifs national commanding personnel, but general military and political control over its activities shall be exercised by the Special Commission.

After Mr. TSARAPKIN ended his statement, some requests for elucidation were made to him and a discussion followed.

The Sub-Committee will reconvene this afternoon at 3 p.m. in open meeting.

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