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        General Assembly
22 October 1991

Original: ENGLISH

Forty-sixth session
Agenda item 63


Report of the Secretary-General

1. On 4 December 1990, the General Assembly adopted resolution 45/63, the operative part of which read as follows:

2. Pursuant to paragraph 7 of the resolution, the Secretary-General has continued to follow closely Israeli nuclear activities. However, apart from the material received from the International Atomic Energy Agency (see annex), no additional information has been forwarded to the Secretary-General since the submission of the last report to the General Assembly on the subject (A/45/574).


Resolution GC(XXXV)/RES/570 of 20 September 1991 of the General
Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency

Israeli nuclear capabilities and threat

The General Conference,

(a) Recognizing the urgent need to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons and a nuclear arms race in the area of the Middle East,

(b) Gravely concerned about Israel's nuclear capability and threat to peace and security in the area,

(c) Recalling General Conference resolution GC(XXXIV)/RES/526 concerning Israeli nuclear capabilities and threat,

(d) Recalling Security Council resolution 487 (1981), which, inter alia, requested Israel to submit all its nuclear installations to the Agency's safeguards system and to refrain from attacking or threatening to attack nuclear installations,

(e) Alarmed at the continuous refusal by Israel to place all its nuclear installations under the Agency's safeguards, and

(f) Noting the Director General's report contained in document GC(XXXV)/960,

1. Calls once again upon Israel to comply without delay with Security Council resolution 487 (1981) by submitting all its nuclear installations to Agency safeguards;

2. Urges all the States supplying nuclear materials or equipment to Israel to apply full-scope safeguards to their exports;

3. Requests the Director General to consult with Israeli authorities on the implementation of this resolution and to report to the next session of the General Conference;

4. Further requests the Director General to inform the Secretary-General of the United Nations of this resolution; and

5. Decides to include in the agenda for its thirty-sixth regular session an item entitled "Israeli nuclear capabilities and threat".


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