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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: League of Arab States (LAS)
23 December 2004

Basic Information about the Joint Meeting and Educational Affairs Meeting (19-23/12/2004)

Prepared and organized by the General Secretariat (Palestine Sector), the joint meeting for the education officials in the UNRWA and Educational Affairs Council is held annually at the General Secretariat headquarters in Cairo.

The upcoming 14th joint meeting will be held from 19 to 23/12/2004 during which the UNRWA's education officials will conduct a comprehensive presentation of their organization's activity in the field of education provided for the Palestinian refugees, schoolboys in the UNRWA's schools in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza strip.

Through discussions and debates by the Arab delegations partaking in the subject meeting, recommendations aimed at supporting the UNRWA's activity in the scope of education and remedying the standing drawbacks will be taken.
Held semi-annually, the Educational Affairs Council's 51st winter round will be held at the General Secretariat's headquarters in Cairo following the joint meeting with the UNRWA's educational officials. A summer round will be held at one of the refugees hosting countries to be agreed upon later.

Delegation heads at the level of undersecretaries from the following states and organizations:

Arab Organization for Education, Science and Culture
Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture
Arab Universities Union

will partake in the Educational Affairs Council in order to discuss the educational issues at the university and school levels in places where Palestinian refugees, students and schoolboys live. The council will also review the delegations' reports over the recommendations implemented to support education for the Palestinian students and schoolboys, and make further recommendations aimed at supporting the subject field, remedying the current drawbacks and counteracting the deliberate policies of the Israeli occupation to distort the educational curricula.

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