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29th Meeting
18 November 1947

Reconvening in public this afternoon, Sub-Committee 1 of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question continued discussion of the Working Paper on the Special International Regime of the City of Jerusalem.

The Sub-Committee first approved the paragraph on Freedom of Transit and Visit and on the Control of Residents. The Sub-Committee agreed that subject to considerations of security and economic welfare to be determined by the Governor of the City of Jerusalem, the residents and citizens of the Arab and Jewish States shall enjoy freedom of entry and residence in the City.

The Sub-Committee then approved the paragraphs on Relations of the City with the Arab and Jewish States, and on Official Languages. It was agreed to make Arabic and Hebrew the official languages, and that one or more additional working languages be adopted as might be required.

The Sub-Committee subsequently approved the paragraphs on Citizenship, Freedom of Citizens, Holy Places, Special Powers of the Governor in respect of the Holy Places, Religious Buildings and Sties in the City and any part of Palestine and Duration of the Special Regime of the City. The Sub-Committee agreed to, in the first instance, the duration at 10 years unless the authority which the City of Jerusalem shall be placed finds it necessary to reconsider the position before the end of this period.

Finally, the Sub-Committee took up the Report of the Working Group on Implementation and began discussion for the amendments submitted by the Jewish Agency.

The Sub-Committee will resume this discussion when it reconvenes this evening at 8:00 o’clock.

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