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Source: Department of Public Information (DPI)
General Assembly Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question
9 October 1947
Department of Public Information
Press and Publications Bureau
Lake Success, New York
Press Release GA/PAL/10
9 October1947


The Committee started work on September 1947 and on 9 October had held 9 meetings.

At the first meeting, Dr. Herbert V. Evatt (Australia) was elected Chairman, Prince Subhastasti Subha Svasti (Siam) Vice-Chairman; and. Mr. Thor Thors (Iceland.) Rapporteur. (Press Release GA/PAL/1.)

At the second meeting (26 September) Mr. Emil Sandstrom (Sweden), Chairman of the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine, presented the Report of his Committee. At the same meeting, Mr. Arthur Creech-Jones (United Kingdom) made a statement on behalf of his government (Press Release GA/PAL/2).

At the third meeting (29 September), Mr. Jamal Husseini, representing the Arab Higher Committee, made a statement (Press Release GA/PAL/3).

At the fourth meeting (2nd October) Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, representing the Jewish Agency, also made a statement (Press Release GA/PAL/4).

The second stage of the Committee’s work began 3 October, when the Committee embarked on a general discussion of the question of Palestine (submitted by the United Kingdom, the Report (submitted by the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine) and the proposal (submitted by Iraq and Saudi Arabia) for termination of the Mandate over Palestine and recognition of its independence as one state.

The speakers who participated in this discussion were:

At the fifth meeting (3 October) Mr. Karel Lisicky (Czechoslovakia) and Mr. Camille Chanson (Lebanon), (Press Release GA/PAL/5);

At the sixth meeting (6 October) Mr. Juan Rivera Reyes (Panama), General Nouri As Said. (Iraq), Dr. Fadil Jamali (Iraq) and Professor Henrique Rodriquez

Fabregat (Uruguay) (Press Release GA/PAL/6);

At the seventh meeting (7 October) Sir Mohamoud Zafrullah Khan (Pakistan), (Press Release GA/PAL/7);

At the eighth meeting (8 October) Mr. J. Winiewicz (Poland), Mohmoud Bey Fawzi (Egypt), Mr. Jan Masaryk (Czechoslovakia), Mr. Gonzalez Fernandez (Colombia), And Dr. Hector David Castro (El Salvador) (Press Release GA/PAL/8);

At the ninth meeting (9 October), Emir Adel Arslan (Syria), Mr. Rickard Sandler (Sweden) and Dr. Hector David Castro (El Salvador).

The delegates from Colombia, Czechoslovakia, El Salvador, Panama, Poland, Sweden, Uruguay, indicated support of the partition proposal of the Report of the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine.

The delegates from Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Syria supported the claim of the Palestinian Arabs.

The general discussion is expected to continue a few more days.

Saturday night, 11 October, has been fixed as the deadline for speakers to register for this debate.

Monday night, 13 October, has been fixed as the deadline for Delegations to hand in their specific proposals on the Palestine question.

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