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        Security Council
10 March 1971


1. The situation in the Suez Canal sector has been quiet since 8 August 1970, although during this period there have been a number of overflights by one party or the other. In the present circumstances, the Secretary-General feels it advisable to resume the practice of reporting to the Security Council concerning the Suez Canal sector which prevailed before 8 August 1970. The Secretary-General hopes that his reports to the Security Council on the situation in the Suez Canal sector may be helpful during a period when the maintenance of quiet is crucial to efforts to find a peaceful settlement in the whole area.

2. The following report on the situation in the Suez Canal sector on 9 March 1971 has been received from the Chief of Staff of UNTSO, Major-General Ensio Siilasvuo:

"OP reports on ground activity: Nil "OP reports on air activity:

(a) OP Hotel (MR 7391-8718). At 1344 GMT one Israel forces Mirage and one unidentified aircraft (United Nations Military Observers could not determine type or nationality because of high altitude) crossed canal from east to west over the OP.

(b) OP Orange (MR 7604-8415). Between 1345 and 1356 GMT a total of four Israel forces aircraft (one Phantom and one Mirage each time) flying north to south crossed Great Bitter Lake north of OP and recrossed canal south of OP Kilo. Overflights confirmed by CPs Silver, Pink, Kilo, Lima and Red."


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