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        General Assembly
14 November 2000

Fourth Committee
Summary record of the 27th meeting
Held at Headquarters, New York, on Tuesday, 14 November 2000, at 10 a.m.

Ms. Grcic Polic (Vice-Chairman) ............................................(Croatia)
Mr. Vassallo (Vice-Chairman) ..................................................(Malta)


Agenda item 87: Questions relating to information (continued)

The meeting was called to order at 10.10 a.m.

Agenda item 87: Questions relating to information (continued) (A/55/21 and A/55/452)

11. Mr. Zaki (Egypt) ...


16. His delegation noted with satisfaction the increased efforts to disseminate information in the field. The goal of those efforts was to create a network of communications with countries in which there were information centres and UNDP offices. At the same time, those offices should concentrate on development activities and should not undertake other work which could distract them from fulfilling their main functions. His delegation wished to ask the Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information whether the integration of offices would lead to duplication of work, which would entail the risk of dispersal of the funds allocated to them. In conclusion, his delegation noted with satisfaction the annual training courses organized by the Department for journalists from Palestine, and expressed the hope that the Department would continue that work.


56. Mr. Kanaan (Observer, Organization of the Islamic Conference, OIC) ...


57. In view of the vital importance of information, particularly in relation to the question of Palestine, OIC, in cooperation with the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Islamic Broadcasting Organization, had prepared a documentary film on the situation in Al-Quds Al-Sharif. The film stressed the distinctively Arab characteristics of the city and threw light on Israel’s unlawful attempts to alter its geographic and demographic specificities and to defile its sacred places. OIC, conscious of its role in facilitating dialogue among civilizations, welcomed the efforts of the Department of Public Information in creating a site on the Internet to publicize events connected with that ongoing dialogue and wished to express its gratitude for the continuation of information programmes on the question of Palestine and the organization of educational programmes for journalists from Palestine and member States of OIC.


The meeting rose at 1.15 p.m.

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