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        General Assembly
23 October 2000

General Assembly
Fifty-fifth session
Official Records

Third Committee
Summary record of the 31st meeting
Held at Headquarters, New York, on Monday, 23 October 2000, at 3 p.m.

Chairman:Mrs. Gittens-Joseph................................... (Trinidad and Tobago)


Agenda item 111: Programme of activities of the International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People (continued)

Agenda item 114: Human rights questions

(a) Implementation of human rights instruments

The meeting was called to order at 3 p.m.


Agenda item 114: Human rights questions (A/55/3, A/55/280/Add.1 and 2, A/55/296/Add.1, A/55/133-S/2000/682, A/55/309, A/55/310, A/55/375, A/55/473, A/C.3/55/4)

(a) Implementation of human rights instruments (A/55/40 (Suppl. No.40), A/55/44 (Suppl. No.44), A/55/178, A/55/204, A/55/205, A/55/206 and A/54/805, A/55/207, A/55/208, A/55/278, A/55/290, A/55/313 and A/55/438-SR/2000/931)


18. Mr. Oda (Egypt) said that ...


His delegation was profoundly concerned at the violation of the rights of the Palestinians in the occupied Arab territories, which blatantly violated the basic concept of “humanity” and international customs, norms and obligations. What was surprising and discouraging about that situation was that some States, for purely political reasons, were refusing to deal effectively with the worsening humanitarian situation in the occupied Arab territories or were simply ignoring it, an attitude which called into question their credibility and good intentions in dealing with human rights in general. ...


The meeting rose at 4.30 p.m.

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