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27 June 1949

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held in Lausanne on Monday,
27 June 1949, at 10.30 a.m.

Mr. de Boisanger


*Mr. Yenisey(Turkey)
Mr. Hare(U.S.A.)
Dr. AzcaratePrincipal Secretary

* alternate

The CHAIRMAN said that at the following day’s meeting with the Israeli delegation, Dr. Eytan would be asked to prepare replies to the questionnaire in time for the Commission’s meeting on 18 July, unless of course some previous statement were issued by the Israeli Government. The Israeli delegation would be informed of the stand taken by the Arab delegations whose demands, in the absence of any specific statement, were taken to be in accordance with the territorial arrangements of the Partition Plan.

It had been agreed upon to meet the Arab delegations on 29 June, as it was thought desirable to establish contact with them once more after the meeting with the Israeli delegation, in case there should be any new development in the situation to communicate to them.

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY suggested, in connection with a census of members of separated families which was at present being carried out by the Israeli Government, that the Technical Committee should act as observers in order to supply the Conciliation Commission with direct information on the subject. Should the Commission accept such a proposal, the Israeli delegation should be informed immediately so that all facilities could be granted the Technical Committee by the Israeli Government.

Mr. HARE hoped that it would be made quite clear that such a step would not mean that the Conciliation Commission thought that the problem of separated families was the most important aspect of the refugee problem and that it would not be allowed to prejudice the solution of other aspects of the question which were, in his opinion, of greater importance.

The CHAIRMAN stated that, before requesting the Secretariat to prepare instructions for the Technical Committee to be submitted to the Commission and to the Israeli delegation for approval, it would be advisable to see whether the matter were covered by the General Committee in its meeting. It was however understood that the question would be raised with the Israeli delegation.

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY proposed that official confirmation of the suspension of the plenary meetings of the Conciliation Commission until 18 July should be communicated to the Israeli and Arab delegations, together with information on the status of the committees during that recess.

Mr. HARE said that the Technical Committee would naturally continue its work in the Middle East without any break. With regard to the Committee on Jerusalem and the General Committee, it was obviously desirable that they should continue to meet in order not to give the impression to the public that the Commission had ceased to function altogether. Moreover the Committees had much useful work with which they could continue. Naturally, representatives would wish to consult their governments but if a system of substitution of members on both Committees and spacing of meetings were introduced, it should be possible for the Committee to function effectively.

The CHAIRMAN agreed and stated that the Israeli and Arab delegations would be informed that the General Committee and the Committee on Jerusalem were functioning and were available for consultation. He agreed to a suggestion made by the United States representative that the letter should also mention that the Conciliation Commission could be recalled in the eves of an emergency.

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY assured the Commission that the Secretariat would also continue to function during the recess.

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Negotiation de la Lausanne durant la suspension - 77e séance du CCNUP (Lausanne) - Compte rendu Français