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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: European Commission
1 March 2013


Construction and equipping of elementary and secondary schools

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Ministry of Education Facts and Figures

“The construction of this school has played a significant role in the life of its students from different perspectives which were all positive, the results have proven the precision of my opinion as the overall percentage of successful girls has increased from 55% to 70%.”
Sundus Alafganee, Student, Qalqilia Elementary School for Girls


Responsibility for the education system was transferred from the Israeli military education authority to the Palestinian National Authority in August 1994 and subsequently to the Ministry of Education. The inherited system suffered from the effects of having been maintained for 27 years (since 1967) at the absolute minimum standard to avoid total collapse. The result of years of under-investment manifested itself through the chronic shortage

of school buildings, exacerbated by the high population growth rate and the very limited existing building maintenance, leading to the adoption by the PNA Ministry of Education (MEHE) of double or triple shift school attendance systems.

Objective: Improving access to education

The overall project objective was to improve the educational standards of the Palestinian people of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, by increasing the regional physical capacity of school buildings available to the Ministry of Education. This aims to promote equality of educational opportunity between the areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip as well as equality of educational opportunities between male and female students.

Impact: What has been achieved?
Construction and equipping of elementary and secondary schools

Written by Student Saleh Qasho'a, Allar Secondary Boys School

"Within the Eastern Mountains of my beloved village, the dream has become real: it's the school that we had dreamt about for so long and which couldn't have existed without the help of our real friends.

This school was funded by the European Union in 2004, and we highly appreciate this generous aid and this spirit that loves the Palestinian people. The construction of this school is a real contribution; the school is well designed and contains all facilities. The school has affected us all, teachers, students and parents:

  1. we got rid of the high density problem that we faced in the classrooms and yards of the old school;
  2. the educational environment has become much better, the performance of the students has been enhanced and the efficiency of the teachers improved;
  3. the scientific laboratories, the computer laboratory and the library have provided a decent and comfortable environment in the school;
  4. the playground has provided a proper place to play and exercise;
  5. the sanitary units are adequate and hygienic.

In other words, this school has made the students as well as the teachers more comfortable and thus has enhanced their performance. As for the parents, they are now less worried about their children.

Again, we re-assert our gratitude to the friends of the Palestinian people all over the world, especially the people of the European Union."

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