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        General Assembly
16 November 2005

Original: English

Sixtieth session
Official Records

Third Committee

Summary record of the 33rd meeting
Held at Headquarters, New York, on Wednesday, 2 November 2005, at 2.30 p.m.

Chairman: Ms. Carvalho (Vice-Chairman) ............................................... (Portugal)


Agenda item 71: Human rights questions ( continued)


Agenda item 71: Human rights questions (continued ) (A/60/40, 44, 129, 336, 392 and 408)

(b) Human rights questions, including alternative approaches for improving the effective enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms (continued ) (A/60/134, 266, 272, 286, 299, 301 and Add.1, 305*, 321, 326, 333, 338 and Corr.1, 339 and Corr.1, 340, 348, 350, 353, 357, 374, 384, 392, 399 and 431; A/C.3/60/3 and 5)

(c) Human rights situations and reports of special rapporteurs and representatives (continued ) (A/60/221, 271, 306, 324, 349, 354, 356, 359, 367, 370, 395 and 422 and Corr.1; A/C.3/60/2)

(e) Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights ( continued) (A/60/36 and 343)


Statements made in exercise of the right of reply

72. Mr. Schlosser (Israel) expressed disappointment at the similarity of the statement by Palestine to those of previous sessions, in spite of the dramatic changes which had taken place in the country. The Palestinian Authority had to assume responsibility for implementing its part of the road map, rather than speak as though there were no terrorism and human rights violations on the Palestinian side. The commitment to peace made by Prime Minister Sharon and Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the Sharm el-Sheikh meeting had been followed by Mr. Sharon’s courageous withdrawal of all troops and civilians from Gaza and part of the West Bank. It was now the task of the Palestinian Authority to disarm the Palestinian terrorists who had perpetrated more than 26,000 attacks against Israeli targets in the past five years. Israel sought peace, and the Gaza disengagement was a window of opportunity for both peoples. If the Palestinians would only reject violence and terror and discontinue unhelpful rhetoric, they would establish the climate necessary for moving forward towards cooperation and peace.

The meeting rose at 5.38 p.m.

This record is subject to correction. Corrections should be sent under the signature of a member of the delegation concerned within one week of the date of publication to the Chief of the Official Records Editing Section, room DC2-750, 2 United Nations Plaza, and incorporated in a copy of the record.

Corrections will be issued after the end of the session, in a separate corrigendum for each Committee.

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