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9 March 1951

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held at Government House, Jerusalem, on Friday,
9 March 1951, at 10.30 a.m.

Mr. de Boisanger


Mr. Eralp*(Turkey)
Mr. Palmer(United States)
Mr. de Azcarate Principal Secretary

* Alternate

1. Draft memorandum concerning blocked accounts

The CHAIRMAN opened the discussion on the draft memorandum concerning the question of blocked accounts which the Commission’s economic adviser had been requested to prepare.

Mr. PALMER (United States), after having considered the question, wondered whether it would not be preferable for the time being to make an unofficial approach, rather than to seize the competent British authorities officially of the question, as had been contemplated. If the Commission agreed, he could prepare a draft letter to Mr. Furlong of the Department of Middle East Affairs of the Foreign Office, in which he might repeat the main points of the economic adviser’s memorandum and request Mr. Furlong to give the Commission the fullest information concerning the possible effects of the recent release of blocked sterling to Israel on the unfreezing of Arab accounts is Israel banks.

This was agreed.

2. Draft reply to Mr. Sand’s letter

The Commission considered the draft letter prepared by the legal expert on compensation, in reply to the request for compensation addressed to the Commission by Mr. Saad, and as a model reply to all requests for compensation which might in future be received by the Commission.

A discussion took place as to whether the Commission, in its reply, should limit itself to general statements, or whether, on the other hand, it should tell the refugees to prepare to submit to the Commission estimates of the value of their property.

The CHAIRMAN thought that, although it was not advisable to give the refugees precise details which would give rise to vain hopes, it was nevertheless necessary not to reply in terms which, by being too evasive, might deter the refugees from asking for compensation for the property they left behind in Israel. It was, in fact, these requests for compensation, and the hopes which they represented, which would reinforce the Commission’s demand for compensation from the Government of Israel.

Mr. PALMER (United States) appreciated the Chairman’s viewpoint, but felt that it would be unfortunate if the refugees were confused by being led to believe that the assessment of the total amount to be paid by Israel on account of compensation would be made on the basis of individual claims. The time would come when those claims could be considered, but it seemed to him to be premature to cause them to be submitted at the present time.

Mr. ERALP (Turkey) felt that the reply to the refugees should refer first to the resolution of 11 December 1948, then to the resolution of 14 December 1950, and should state that by the terms of the latter resolution a new body had been created which would make it possible for the Commission in the future to deal methodically with the question of compensation and would in due course take into account the individual claims of refugees.

The CHAIRMAN suggested that Mr. Eralp and the legal expert should be entrusted with the task of redrafting the letter in the light of the remarks and suggestions made during the discussion.

This was agreed.

3. Draft Progress Report

The Commission commenced its consideration of the draft Ninth Progress Report to the Secretary-General, which had been prepared by the Secretariat.

The CHAIRMAN and Mr. PALMER (United States) drew attention to certain changes which they felt it necessary to make in the draft. It was therefore decided to instruct the general Committee to redraft the text, by incorporating the drafting and substantive changes which had been proposed in the course of the discussion, and to submit the amended text to the Commission for consideration at its next meeting.

The meeting rose at 11.20 a.m.

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Projets de mémorandum concernant les avoirs bloqués, 9eme rapport d'avancement - 207e séance de la CCNUP (Jerusalem) - Compte Rendu Français