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11 May 1950



Note dated 11 May 1950
addressed by the Conciliation Commission
to the Government of Israel

The Conciliation Commission for Palestine has the honour to acknowledge the note of 6 May from the Government of Israel accepting the proposals contained in the Commission’s Memorandum of 29 March 1950. The Commission has also received the reply of the Arab Governments to its Memorandum. The Commission finds in these replies a spirit of cooperation which it appreciates.

In making its proposals the Conciliation Commission was guided by the resolutions of the General Assembly on Palestine. The Commission also took into consideration the position of the Arab Governments and the Government of Israel on the implementation of those resolutions, having in mind those principles of law, justice and humanity referred to by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt in Cairo on 14 April 1950 when he delivered the reply of the Arab Governments. The Commission believes that its proposals of 29 March represent the best method of reaching a settlement of the refugee problem as well as all other questions outstanding between the parties.

The Commission has not failed to note the various observations which have been formulated in response to its proposals. It considers that the problems thus raised could best be examined under the procedure proposed by the Commission in its Memorandum of 29 March.

The Commission wishes to take this opportunity to reaffirm that its objective in suggesting the creation of Mixed Committees was the attainment of the final settlement called for by the General Assembly’s resolution of 11 December 1948. The past experience of the Commission has proved that the questions involved in such a settlement are linked to each other. Certain of these questions might be of a particularly urgent character and might be studied before others by common agreement of the parties.

The Commission considers that the work of the Mixed Committees could not lead to favourable results unless the discussions take place in a completely frank manner and the parties have the opportunity of expressing their points of view with unrestricted freedom. It goes without saying that the principles laid down by the General Assembly’s resolution of 11 December 1948 would have to be respected.

The Conciliation Commission hopes that the Government of Israel and the Arab Governments will be represented in negotiations under the procedure envisaged in the Commission’s proposals of 29 March by Delegates fully empowered to act on their behalf. The Commission would appreciate notification
of the names of the Delegates so empowered.

The Conciliation Commission considers that negotiations under its auspices as proposed in its Memorandum could begin in Geneva on 23 May 1950.

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Réponse àux commentaires d'Israel sur le memo de la Comission du 29 Mars 1950 - Note de CCNUP à l'Etat d'Israël - Note Français