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General Assembly

12 April 1948


Correspondence with the Secretary-General
Concerning Financial Provision for an
Emergency Police Force for Jerusalem


Mr. Trygve Lie, The Secretary-General

R. J. Bunche, Principal Secretary, Palestine Commission

Financing of an emergency Police Force for Jerusalem

8 April 1946

I have been instructed by the Palestine Commission to put before you its request to make available an amount up to $500,000 from the Working Capital Fund as an urgent matter of maintaining peace and security. This amount is to be used by the Commission as an emergency measure for the immediate recruitment and organization of an emergency police force in Jerusalem to enter on duty on May 16.

The Commission has been informed by its Advance Party in Jerusalem that a substantial number of British police personnel now in the service of the Palestine Government would be available for immediate recruitment. It is estimated that the cost of this police force for one month would be some 40,000 (Palestine), or about $200,000 (U. S.)

Negotiations are now proceeding with the Mandatory Power regarding recruitment of such personnel prior to the termination of the Mandate. The present request of the Commission is contingent upon the receipt of a favourable answer front the United Kingdom Government.

In making this request it is understood that no commitment will extend beyond the date when the Trusteeship. Council will assume authority for Jerusalem, and in any case not beyond October 1, 1948.

CC: Mr. Byron Price, ASG
for Administrative & Financial Services

Draft 4-8-48


TO: Mr. R. J. Bunche, Principal Secretary, UN Palestine Commission

FROM: Mr. Trygve Lie, Secretary-General

SUBJECT: Financing of an Emergency Police Force for Jerusalem

In reply to your memorandum of April 8 concerning the request of the United Nations Palestine Commission for an mount of approximately $500,000 from the Working Capital Fund to recruit an emergency Police Force for Jerusalem, I am prepared to authorize a withdrawal from the Working Capital Fund for this purpose but only as an emergency short-term measure.

I consider that it would not be proper for me to authorize a long-term commitment on the eve of the meeting of the Special Session of the General Assembly. However, I appreciate that the security situation in Jerusalem may require immediate action by the Commission. I am, therefore, prepared, to authorize a withdrawal from the Working Capital Fund of an amount up to $200,000, the equivalent of one month’s cost of an emergency Police Force for Jerusalem.

This action is taken in the expectation that the question of continuing the emergency Police Force beyond one month would be submitted at the earliest opportunity to the General Assembly for such action as it may consider appropriate.

Mr. Lie
I recommend this.

(signed) BYRON PRICE
April 8, 1948.

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