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        General Assembly
2 November 1947



Rapporteur: Prof. E. RODRIGUEZ FABREGAT (Uruguay)

1. The Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestinian Question, at its twenty-fifth meeting on 20 November 1947, decided that Sub-Committee 1 should meet to consider any alterations in its recommendations that might "be necessary in the light of the statement which had just "been made to the Ad Hoc Committee Toy the representative of the United Kingdom.

2. The Sub-Committee held three meetings. The representative of the United Kingdom attended the meetings to answer questions and furnish information to the Sub-Committee.

3. The Sub-Committee arrived at a unanimous decision on the alterations that were required in its recommendations to bring them into conformity with the statement of the representative of the United Kingdom.

4. The Sub-Committee therefore agrees that the draft resolution contained in its report (document A/AC. 14/34) be amended by deleting therefrom paragraphs A.I, A.2, B.2, B.6, B.7, B.12 and B.13 from Part I of the Plan of Partition with Economic Union and replacing them with the paragraphs set forth below.

5. Sub-Committee 1 recommends to the Ad Hoc Committee the adoption of the draft resolution as amended.


(new wording underlined)

1. The Mandate for Palestine shall terminate as soon as possible but in any case not later than 1 August 1948.

2. The armed forces of the Mandatory Power shall be progressively withdrawn from Palestine, the withdrawal to be completed as soon as possible but in any case not later then 1 August 1943.

The Mandatory Power shall advise the Commission, as far in advance as possible, of its intention to terminate the Mandate and to evacuate each area.

The Mandatory Poorer shall use its best endeavours to ensure that an area situated in the territory of the Jewish State, including a seaport and hinterland adequate to provide facilities for a substantial integration, shall be evacuated at the earliest possible date and in any event not later than 1 February 1948.


2. The administration of Palestine shall, as the Mandatory Power withdraws its armed forces, be progressively turned over to the Commission, which shall act in conformity with the recommendations of the General Assembly, under the guidance of the Security Council. The Mandatory Power shall to the fullest possible extent co-ordinate its plans for withdrawal with the plans of the Commission to take over and administer areas which have been evacuated.

In the discharge of this administrative responsibility the Commission shall have authority to issue necessary regulations and take other measures as required.

The Mandatory Power shall not take any action to prevent, obstruct or delay the implementation by the Commission of the measures recommended by the General Assembly.

6. The Provisional Council of Government of each State, acting under the Commission, shall progressively receive from the Commission full responsibility for the administration of that State in the period between the termination of the Mandate and the establishment of its independence.

7. The Commission shall instruct the Provisional Councils of Government of both the Arab and Jewish States, after their formation, to proceed to the establishment of administrative organs of government, central and local.

12. During the period between the adoption of the recommendations on the question of Palestine by the General Assembly and the termination of the Mandate, the Mandatory Power in Palestine shall maintain full responsibility for administration in areas from which it has not withdrawn its armed forces. The Commission shall assist the Mandatory Power in the carrying out of these functions. Similarly the Mandatory shall co-operate with the Commission in the execution of its functions.

13. With a view to ensuring that there shall be continuity in the functioning of administrative services and that, on the withdrawal of the armed forces of the Mandatory Power, the whole administration shall be in charge of the Provisional Councils and the Joint Economic Board, respectively, acting under the Commission, there shall be a progressive transfer, from the Mandatory Power to the Commission, of responsibility for all the functions of government, including that of maintaining law and order, in the areas from which the forces of the Mandatory Power have withdrawn.


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