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Security Council

1 October 1965


As Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic and. Chairman, for the month of September 1965, of the delegations of the Arab States Members of the United. Nations,a I have been authorized, to request Your Excellency to bring to the attention of the Security Council the enclosed, memorandum of the permanent representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization relating to the horrible onslaught against the Arab population in Ramleh, which took place on 22 August 1965- should, be grateful to Your Excellency if this memorandum could, be issued as a Security Council document in accordance with rule 6 of the provisional rules of procedure of the Security Council.I avail myself, etc.
(Signed.) Rafik ASHA


Permanent Representative

On 20 August 1965, a collision took place between a taxicab driven by an Arab living in Israel and a motor scooter driven by a Jewish youth in the city of Ramleh ten miles east of Jaffa-Tel-Aviv, which resulted in the death of the youth.

On Sunday, 22 August, immediately after the funeral, a mob of more than 500 Jewish Israeli toughs attacked the Arab quarter in Ramleh with the intention of murdering the Arab inhabitants and destroying the whole Arab quarter.

Mewsweek magazine, in its issue of 6 September 1965, described the horrible scene in the following words:

"The mob, delirious with hate, swarmed towards the ghetto with clubs and stones in hand, shouting 'Kill them, kill them'.' while behind the shuttered windows, families huddled in fear. It was the onslaught of the classic pogrom... except that the would-be lynchers were Jews."

Newsweek then continues:

"After the funeral of the dead boy, dozens of swaggering young Jewish toughs clustered together angrily in the centre of Ramla. Suddenly, amid cries of 'Let's get the Arabs' and 'Let's go Los Angeles', about 500 of the toughs - mostly teenagers - charged, through the streets toward the Arab quarter. In the market square outside the entrance to the Arab quarter, the mob ran into a wall of steel-helmeted police armed with riot-shields. The kids charged twice, then retreated to search for easier targets. They stoned an old man in Kaffiyeh head-dress almost to death and a young Arab returning from work was kicked into bloody pulp.

As the police reinforcements poured into town to protect the Arabs, the rioters scattered down side streets, breaking shop-windows, stoning and overturning cars and trucks. Before the police finally restored order, Ramla was a shambles and twelve had been severely beaten or knifed. 'For a time', said one Polish-born Ramla Jew: 'I thought I was back in the ghetto. No angry gang of drunken goyim (gentiles) was ever worse.'"

This horrible onslaught took place, despite the fact that the Israeli police authorities knew of what was to take place beforehand. A certain number of steel-helmeted police with riot-shields was standing by, but the number was by far inadequate and police reinforcements arrived too late to prevent the onslaught.

What took place in Ramleh on 22 August 1965 was not the first of its kind. The massacres of Deir Yasin, Kafr Qasem, Khan Yunis, and many others are still vivid in our minds. However, this repeated manifestation of Israeli hatred and love for murder of Arabs is of alarming significance which should prompt the United Nations to take action immediately before it is too late. A human catastrophe may not be far away.

It is the specific duty of the United Nations to ensure the safety of the 240,000 Arabs in Israel because it was the United Nations that, by denying the overwhelming Arab majority in Palestine,.in 194-7, self-determination, created the unconstitutional State of Israel and made of Ramleh, an all-Arab town before 1943, like hundreds of other Arab towns and villages, Arab ghettos and targets for Israeli pogroms.

What took place in Ramleh on 22 August 1965 is the result of a long pursued indoctrination of the Jewish Israeli people by the successive Israeli authorities, to hate the Arabs,-to despise the Arabs and to do away with the Arabs. The proofs to verify this statement are many. Mr. Elias Koussa, a well known and respected Arab lawyer in Haifa, in a letter dated 12 March 1957 to former President Dwight Elsenhower, President of the United States, says:

"One more example, Mr. President, of how the Jews are working up to live in continuous enmity with the Arabs. The Editors of the Hebrew weekly, Haolem Hazeh, of Tel-Aviv, talked to hundreds of Jewish children, boys and girls, of different social classes and of ages varying from 6-15 years, about the Arabs of Israel and what they thought should be done with them. Ninety-five per cent of these children said that they should be murdered. A small percentage were a little compassionate and human. They said that the Arabs should be detained in concentration camps or else deported to the Negev. The Editors attributed this wicked propensity to the children's family life, to their social environment and to the education they receive in school. A mother wrote to the Editors saying that her son's reply was due solely to the education he was receiving in school, and not to his home-life, or to his private association."

This is indeed alarming.

The Arabs in Israel have been suffering this terrible persecution since the creation of "Israel". They complained to the United Nations on several occasions during the years, but the United Nations never raised a finger to stop this persecution or even ameliorate their condition. When Mr. Dag Hammarskjold, the late

Secretary-General, visited, the section of Jerusalem occupied, by the Israelis, in January 1956, the Arabs in Israel seized the opportunity of his visit and. sent him the following pathetic telegram:

"In name of humanity and justice we appeal to you intercede Israeli Government stop oppression, humiliation, dispossession, impoverishment Israeli Arabs. Thousands still unsettled owing cruel Government measures. No serious efforts ever made for their resettlement. Jewish villages established on land, belonging Israeli Arabs, consequently becoming jobless and landless. Over one million dunums fertile land taken from Arab owners and inequitable compensation offered. Military rule cruelly applied in Arab areas in Galilee and Little Triangle, Eighteen thousand Arabs pinned Beersheba district. Diverse malpractices applied. Arab education very poor. Opportunity for work denied or obstructed. Though paying taxes, rates, compulsory loans, and other Inquests including contribution purchase of arms. The Arabs are treated second-class citizens. Muslim community, unlike Christian, prohibited manage Muslim waqfs and religious affairs. None but a few are employed in unimportant government offices. Grievances too numerous to enumerate. Generally, Arab conditions lamentable. We implore intervention of United Nations find reasonable solution for serious problem Israeli Arabs."

Four years later, the Arabs in Israel found themselves still in the same lamentable condition. They appealed again to the United Nations. In November 1960, they sent a memorandum, through Mr. Ellas Koussa, their spokesman, to the President of the General Assembly, protesting against the extremely harsh treatment of the Israeli Authorities. They protested mainly against three major charges:

1. Confiscation of Arab agricultural lands.

2. Displacement of Arabs living in Israel.

3. Harsh military rule which is imposed only on the Arabs living in Israel. It is not the purpose of this memorandum to discuss these points, but it must be emphasized that all these tyrannical measures were legalized by laws promulgated by the Authorities as early as 1950, which are still in force. Mr. Koussa, in his memorandum, quotes Ambassador Jorge Garcia Grandos of Guatemala who was a member of the United Nations Special Commission of Palestine (UNSCOP) and the most enthusiastic member of the Commission for the creation of a Zionist State, as saying of these laws: "the most tyrannical body of laws". Bitter and resentful, Jorge Garcia Grandos, in his book "The Birth of Israel" says: "When a government so forgets its self-respect as not to respect its own citizens, it is the duty of these citizens to challenge that government and to employ any means to fight its tyranny."

Moreover, on 25 June 19°^ a memorandum -was sent by the "Al-Ard" group in Nazareth, to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, complaining of the intolerable persecution Inflicted on the Arabs in Israel. They complained of the: "dedicated policy of oppression, discrimination and persecution that the Israeli Government wages against them...." The Israeli Authorities they said: "pursues a policy of hatred against the Arabs, encourages that feeling among the Jewish and spurs it most eagerly among the new generation - school boys - and students of higher education."

Referring to the United Nations in their memorandum the "Al-Ard" group said:

"In spite of the incessant appeals to the United Nations to deal -with and to investigate the anomalous situation of the Arabs who suffer oppression and discrimination - the United Nations remains idle and passive."

In conclusion, it is regrettable that the condition of the Arabs in "Israel" remains extremely lamentable and their situation alarming. This is due to the following facts;

1. The Israeli Authorities are indoctrinating hatred for the Arabs in all Israeli educational institutions.

2. The Israeli Authorities pursue a policy of various discrimination against the Arab minority in Israel similar to the policy of apartheid imposed by the Republic of South Africa and by Portugal in Angola, Mozambique and elsewhere.

5. The Israeli Authorities are doing their utmost to replace the Arab population in "Israel" with a Jewish population which would come from abroad. Consequently, racial discrimination in Israel is demonstrated in its ugliest form.

The Palestine Liberation Organization is alarmed at these anomalous events baking place in Israel - events which have a great bearing, not only on the veil-being of the Arabs living in Israel, but also on their safety as well. We therefore, respectfully request that a United Nations commission of inquiry be sent to Israel to investigate the situation and report on its findings.

(Signed) Dr. Izzat TANNOUS
Permanent Representative,
The Palestine Liberation

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