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17 December 2007

International donors’ Conference for the Palestinian State

Paris - 17 december 2007

Final statement of the chair and co-chairs

1. The International donors’ Conference for the Palestinian State has provided a strong signal of political and financial support to the government of President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad and their vision of a future Palestinian State. This support will be essential to underpin the political process launched in Annapolis last November.

2. The Paris Conference has made evident the high degree of confidence of the international community in President Abbas and PM Fayyad’s reform and development programme. Delegations from 87 countries and international organisations pledged a total of $7.4 bn to support Palestinian institution-building and economic recovery for the next three years. Of this amount, $3.4 Bn has been pledged for 2008. This amount will include humanitarian assistance, which is essential and helps to relieve the daily lives of the Palestinian population, especially in Gaza.

3. The Chair and co-Chairs want to thank all participants for their pledges and call upon all those states and international organisations in a position to do so to assist in the development of the Palestinian economy, to maximise the resources available to the Palestinian Authority, and to contribute to the Palestinian institution-building programme in preparation for statehood.

4. Within this framework, the Chair and co-Chairs strongly urge a rapid disbursement of pledges, based on equitable burden-sharing among all donors. They encourage donors to provide budget support through the STA.

5. The PA’s programme, entitled “Building a Palestinian State”, is to be commended. It presents an ambitious but coherent, feasible macro-economic and fiscal agenda that is supported by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. It clearly sets out the steps that the PA, together with the international community and Israel, must take in order to achieve its reform and development targets over the next 36 months. We are confident that the PA will continue to build on this plan to ensure the continuity of the reform process, including in the security sector.

6. The Chair and co-Chairs agree that no economic recovery would be possible without a substantial improvement in the conditions on the ground. They stress the need for shared responsability to be exercised by the Palestinians and Israelis to ensure that measures on the ground, especially on movement and access, are conducive to economic recovery and the implementation of the plan. Immediate steps, such as the implementation of quick impact projects, and the convening of private-sector stakeholders, must be supported.

7. The Chair and co-Chairs recall that the Paris Conference is an important step in a broader process which aims at a peaceful settlement of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. They stress their commitment to follow up the process at the highest level. They intend to meet on 22 January. The input to this work will take place in coordination with all parties involved, and within the established structures.

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