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General Assembly

3 February 1948


(Working Paper Prepared by the Secretariat)

At the twenty-seventh meeting of the Commission, in the course of presenting replies to questions asked by the Commission, Sir Alexander Cadogan stated, with reference to question 12 of the Administrative questions that he was uncertain as to the meaning of the question. After a very brief discussion, the Chairman informed Sir Alexander that the Commission would prepare a detailed list of questions concerning Public Information facilities for submission forthwith to the United Kingdom delegation.

The following is a draft list of such questions for consideration by the Commission with a view to submission to the Mandatory Power.

In view of reports concerning the current liquidation of certain essential communication and public information facilities in Palestine, it is suggested that the submission of these questions is of considerable urgency.


1. Is the Mandatory Power removing or planning to remove, prior to termination of the Mandate, the communications (transmitting and receiving) facilities at Beit Jala, including power equipment? If so, is the Mandatory Power willing to postpone removal pending consultation with representatives of the Commission?

2. Does the Mandatory Power plan to remove or otherwise alter the status of the radio transmitters of the Palestine Administration at Ramala? Will the Mandatory Power guarantee the security of these transmitters until the termination of the Mandate?

3. Will the Mandatory Power provide the Commission at once with circuit and traffic diagrams showing the inside and outside plant of Palestine communications, indicating what equipment is to be removed before or after termination of the Mandate? This includes radio telephone, telegraph, teleprinter, broadcasting, repeater stations, printed power supply equipment, auxiliary power supply equipment, and all other tele-communications equipment now in operation in Palestine?

4. What is the size of any security detachments which may now be protecting communication facilities of the Palestine Administration or the Mandatory Power? At what date will any such security detachments be withdrawn?

5. Will the Cable and Wireless company continue to operate Palestine terminal equipment on a commercial basis for providing essential communications service between Jerusalem, London and New York? What volume of traffic is the company equipped to handle through its Palestine facilities? If Cable and Wireless continues to operate the terminal equipment in Palestine, when will the direct circuit to New York, already authorized, be placed in service?

6. In the event the Commission decides that it will require a medium wave transmitter in the Jerusalem area, would the Mandatory Power permit the work of construction and installation to proceed prior to the termination of the Mandate so that such facilities may be prepared for use at the time of the arrival of the Commission or immediately upon termination of the Mandate?

7. Prior to the termination of the Mandate would the Mandatory Power be willing to make available to the Commission an appropriate amount of time daily on Palestine broadcasting facilities?

8. Will the Mandatory Power provide the Commission at the earliest possible moment a manning table indicating the nationality and function of the personnel of the following units of the Palestine Administration:

9 What facilities and equipment does the Palestine Administration now possess in the following categories: 10. What is the nature and extent of official censorship of the press by the Palestine Administration? What personnel is engaged in censorship functions? Will the Mandatory Power continue to exercise censorship of the local press prior to the termination of the Mandate?

11. Will present governmental Printing facilities and equipment continue to exist after the termination of the Mandate? What is the nature and capacity of these facilities? What technical personnel is required for their operation?

12. What is contemplated with respect to the teletype circuits now operated by the Public Information Office between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and Jaffa?

13. Will the Mandatory Power permit the Commission to continue to use radio frequencies now employed by transmitters in Palestine until such time as other frequencies may be secured from the International Telecommunications Union?

14. Does the Palestine Administration exercise any licensing function with respect to radio broadcasting stations, newspapers, periodicals, motion picture distribution or printing plants?


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