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17 September 1951



Comprehensive Proposals submitted by the Conciliation Commission
to the Delegation of Israel and to the Delegations of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria

On the basis of the considerations set forth by the Chairman in his opening statement, the Commission desires to submit to the parties for consideration a comprehensive pattern of proposals.

As a part of this comprehensive pattern, the Commission would emphasize the importance of a preliminary accord in re-affirmation of the undertakings of the parties as signatories to the Armistice Agreements and as United Nations Members in the form of the following preamble:


In accordance with the obligations of States Members of the United Nations and of signatories to Armistice Agreements, the Governments of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria and the Government of Israel solemnly affirm their intention and undertake to settle all differences, present or future, solely by resort to pacific procedures, refraining from any use of force or acts of hostility, .with full respect for the right of each party to security and freedom from fear of attack, and by these means to promote the return of peace in Palestine.


With a view to the settlement of outstanding differences dividing the parties, the Commission submits the following proposals for their consideration:

1. That an agreement be reached concerning war damages arising out of the hostilities of 1948, such an agreement to include, in the Commission’s opinion, mutual cancellation of such claims, by the Governments of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria and the Government of Israel;

2. That the Government of Israel agree to the repatriation of a specified number of Arab refugees in categories which can be integrated into the economy of the State of Israel and who wish to return and live in peace with their neighbours;

3. That the Government of Israel accept the obligation to pay, as compensation for property abandoned by those refugees not repatriated, a global sum based upon the evaluation arrived at by the Commission’s Refugee Office; that a payment plan, taking into consideration the Government of Israel’s ability to pay, be set up by a special committee of economic and financial experts to be established by a United Nations trustee through whom payment of individual claims. for compensation would be made;

4. That the Governments of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria and the Government of Israel agree upon the mutual release of all blocked bank accounts and to make them payable in pounds sterling;

5. That the Government of Israel and the Governments of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria agree to consider, under United Nations auspices, and in the light of experience gained during the past three years, the revision or amendment of the Armistice Agreements between them, especially with regard to the following questions:

(a) territorial adjustments, including demilitarized zones;

(b) the creation of an international water authority to deal with the problems of the use of the Jordan and Yarmuk Rivers and their tributaries, as well as the waters of Lake Tiberias;

(c) the disposition of the Gaza strip;

(d) the creation of a free port at Haifa;

(e) border regulations between Israel and her neighbours with special attention to the need for free access to the Holy Places in the Jerusalem area, including Bethlehem;

(f) health, narcotics and contraband control along the demarcation lines;

(g) arrangements which will facilitate the economic development of the area; resumption of communications and economic relations between Israel and her neighbours.

*Issued also as AR/54.

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Propositions d!ensemble présentées par la CCCNUP aux délégations d’Israël, de.L’Egypte, de la Jordanie du Liban et de 1a Syrie Français