Press Release

2 April 2001

Concludes Debate on Question of Human Rights Violations Anywhere in World

The Commission on Human Rights took up consideration this evening of economic, social and cultural rights, hearing from a series of countries contending that economic globalization was leaving too many nations and people behind,
that more must be done to ease the foreign-debt burdens of least-developed countries, and that the HIV/AIDS pandemic was creating an economic and social disaster, especially in Africa.


The Commission will reconvene at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, 3 April, to continue its discussion of economic, social and cultural rights.

Statements on the Violation on Human Rights anywhere in the world


DORA CARCANO, of Women's International Democratic Federation, said the organization hoped the new Millennium would be characterized by the realization of respect for human rights for all. It was imperative to have a life of dignity, a life of health, a life of liberty and a life of peace. How was this possible when there was violence against the people of Palestine, or violence caused by paramilitary groups in Colombia, or economic sanctions imposed by the United States that strangled Cuba?

In Cuba, in spite of the blockade, there was not a single case of aggression. What could Cuba have achieved if it were given equal rights? The Commission should speak out aggressively against those who condemned Cuba.

LYNA AL TABAL, of North-South XXI, said the human rights situation of the Palestinians had deteriorated and had become alarming. Since the intifada, acts of violence had increased not only against Palestinians in the occupied territories but also against Palestinians in Israel. The racial discrimination between Jews and Arabs practiced by Israel had involved even the citizenship of Israel. The crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people in the occupied territories constituted a grave violation of human rights and international humanitarian law, particularly of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Israel's policy had demonstrated that is was meant to increase the violence. It was time the international community acted to protect the Palestinian people.


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