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General Assembly

21 January 1948



List of subjects submitted by the Jewish Agency

The following list of subjects which, in the view of the Jewish Agency, might call for the Commission’s early attention, has been submitted in a communication to the Chairman under date of 20 January, 1948. It is circulated informally for the information of the Members.

A. Matters possibly requiring reference by the U.N. Palestine Commission to the Security Council

(1) Failure of the Mandatory Power either to maintain law and order in Palestine or to enable the Jewish population to organize its own defence.

(2) Action with regard to aggression and threats and preparations of further aggression by Arab States against Palestine in “an attempt to alter by force the settlement envisaged by the Assembly’s Resolution.”

(3) Urgent measures for the immediate establishment of an international force to assist in the implementation of the Assembly’s Resolution.

(4) Immediate steps to facilitate the acquisition of arms and military equipment by forces willing to implement the Assembly’s Resolution; and measures to prevent the acquisition of arms by those attempting to alter by force the settlement envisaged in the Assembly’s Resolution. (With special reference to continued supply of arms to the Arab States by the United Kingdom Government.

(5) The provision of financial assistance for the acquisition of arms and equipment in the transition period under Para (3) above.

B Matters affecting Security during the Period of Transition

(6) Immediate measures to form and equip and finance militia under the terms of the Assembly’s Resolution.

(Part I Sec A Para 8).

(7) Steps to secure the availability to the U.N. Commission of the arms, stores and installations of the Palestine Police Force, possibly also of the arms and equipment of the Transjordan Frontier Force on its disbandment; and safeguards to prevent the misappropriation of all such arms and stares by Vie personnel of the force concerned or other persons.

(8) Measures to be taken to prevent the Arab Legion from being used in hostile acts against the territory or inhabitants of the Jewish State - including its removal from the area assigned to the Jewish State by the Assembly’s Resolution and the exaction of proper guarantees in this regard from the Government of Transjordan.

(9) Measures to ascertain and determine the exact functions and responsibilities of British troops remaining in Palestinian territory after the termination of the Mandate, with regard to:

C. Matters Affecting the transfer of Administrative Functions and Responsibilities from the Palestine Government to the U.N. Commission

(10) Measures to be taken before the termination of the Mandate for the formation of Provisional Councils of Government and their preparation for their assumption of responsibilities.

(11) Measures to be taken to ensure continuity in the maintenance of Governmental and other services upon the termination of the Mandate,

(12) Necessity of special attention to the control by the U.N. Commission of Departments and Services affected by the proposed Economic Union.

(13) Transfer of Palestine Government Property and Assets:
E. G. Treasury Surplus
Assets of Currency Board
Bearer Bonds Proceeds
State Domains
Assets held by Custodian of Enemy Property
Other Property held in. Trust by the Government
Movable Property of Government Departments
Wireless, Postal and Telegraphic equipment
Railway, Port, Harbour and Airport installations
Medical Supplies and Equipment, etc,
(14) Transfer of Governmental and Departmental files and records.

(15) Transfer of Survey and Land Settlement Archives.

(16) Measures to ensure the continuity of the legal system in Palestine within the framework of the Resolution of the General Assembly.

(17) Measures to ensure continuity of judicial and legal services on the termination of the Mandate.

(18) Security Measures in the transfer of prisons.

D. Immigration

(19) Measures to implement the recommendation in the Assembly Resolution with regard to the evacuation of a seaport for substantial Jewish immigration by 1st February 1948.

(20) Financial assistance and transport facilities for the immigration of Jewish D.P.’s and refugees to Palestine.

E Passports, Visas, Consular Protection

(21) Measures to ensure continuity in passport and visa services on the termination of the Mandate.

(22) Steps to maintain consular protection of Palestinian nationals abroad.

F. Demarcation of Frontiers

(23) Establishment of a Demarcation Committee to carry out the demarcation of frontiers according to the Assembly’s Resolution, and facilities for the Committees work in Palestine

G. Economic and Financial Matters

(24) Measures to be taken for the maintenance of Palestinian currency, and continuation of status quo suspending permanent arrangements.

(25) Steps to ensure the free availability to Palestinian depositors of their Sterling Balances held in London.

(26) Measures required for the control of Foreign Exchange during the transition period.

(27) Representation on International Emergency Food Council.

(28) Safeguarding of those food purchases for 1948 which were hitherto the responsibility of the Palestine Government by negotiations for the allocation of food and assignment of loading areas.

(29) Measures to ensure continuity of fuel supply on the termination of the Mandate.

(30) Transfer of authority to issue import and export licenses

(31) Measures to ensure continuity of Railway and other transport services under Government control.

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