The United Nations Charter empowers the Secretary-General to bring to the attention of the Security Council any matter, which, in his opinion, threatens international peace and security. It also calls upon him to perform "such other functions" as are entrusted to him by the Security Council, the General Assembly and the other main United Nations organs. His work entails consultations with world leaders and other individuals, attendance at sessions of various United Nations bodies, issuance of  public statements, and acting  either personally or through his special representatives  and other envoys in the interests of preventive diplomacy, peacemaking and peace-building. He also represents the UN in the Middle East Quartet (United Nations, Russian Federation, United States, European Union).

The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and Personal Representative to the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority represents the Secretary-General in discussions with the parties and the international community in all matters related to continuing United Nations support to the peace process. He is charged with making appropriate preparations within the United Nations for enhancing development assistance in support of the peace process.

Secretary-General's website

Secretary-General's statements:

07/27/2017Secretary-General Welcomes News that Crisis in Jerusalem Old City Has Been Defused - Secretary-General Statement
07/27/2017Urging Political, Religious, Community Leaders in Old City of Jerusalem to Avoid Provocation, Secretary-General Calls for Restraint on Israel’s Part - Secretary-General Statement
07/21/2017Secretary-General Deeply Deplores Death of Palestinians in Clashes wih Israeli Security Forces - Secretary-General Statement
07/21/2017Strongly Condemning Deadly Stabbing in Occupied West Bank, Secretary-General Calls on All to Avoid Escalating Already Volatile Situation - Secretary-General Statement
06/12/2017Concerned about Public Criticism of UNRWA, Secretary-General Calls on Member States to Continue Supporting Its Essential Services - Secretary-General Statement
06/05/2017Continuing Occupation Sends "Unmistakable Message" that Both Palestinian, Israeli Hopes Remain Unattainable, Secretary-General Warns in Anniversary Statement
03/31/2017Condemning Israel’s Decision to Build New Settlement in the oPt, Secretary-General Calls Action Illegal, Saying It Threatens Peace - Secretary-General Statement
02/07/2017UN Secretary-General "Deeply Regrets" Adoption of "Regularization Bill"
02/01/2017Concerned about Israel’s Plan to Advance 5,000 Settlement Units in West Bank, Secretary-General Says Such Actions Could Hamper Talks on Two-State Solution - SG Statement
01/09/2017Secretary-General Condemns Deadly Jerusalem Terrorist Attack - Statement